Kevo Trail

  • The most amazing sights along Kevo Trail are the canyon, the view of the Njakaljärvi Lakes, Fiellu Waterfall, Guivitunturi Fell, Luomusjärvi Ridge and the River Sulaoja.
  • About 1 km north of Suohppášaja campfire and camping site there appears a wondrous view to the canyon.
  • At approximately the halfway point of the trail the River Fiellujoki plummets as a 26 m high waterfall into Kevo Canyon.
  • At the north end of the canyon route as the trail comes to the edge of the canyon a breathtaking view of the Njakaljärvi Lakes opens below the hiker. The lakes are wider parts of the River Kevojoki and they can be tens of metres deep. The lakes continue along the bottom of the canyon for several kilometres and look like a string of pearls.
  • Luomusjärvi Ridge which cuts through Lake Luomusjärvi starts a few kilometres from Sulaoja. The highest parts of the ridge rise to over 20 metres above the surface of the lake.
  • The south starting point for Kevo Trail is a Sulaoja. There is a spring the size of a small pond there, which was an old sacred place for the Sámi.

Fiellujoki River. Photo: Pirjo Seurujärvi

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