This extremely demanding trail traverses the large strict nature reserve across varying terrain. Kevo Strict Nature Reserve is one of Northern Finland's largest protected areas. In summertime hiking in the area is strictly restricted to marked trails. During winter skiing is allowed in the nature reserve, but there are no maintained ski trails. Locals who practice reindeer husbandry and other natural livelihoods have far broader rights and privileges within Kevo Strict Nature Reserve than hikers do.

Signs in Sami at Kevo Trail. Photo: Matti Mela

There is a dense network of campfire and camping sites along Kevo Trail. There are however only a few open wilderness huts along the trail. The route through the canyon has only one open wilderness hut; Ruktajärvi. On Kuivi Trail there are two; Njavgoaivi and Kuivi open wilderness huts.

Starting Points for Excursions

Hikers can set off at the south end of the trail at the River Sulaoja or from its north end at Lake Kenesjärvi. When travelling from Sulaoja to Kenesjärvi, Kevo Canyon comes into view as majestic and awe-inspiring. During autumn when biting winds blow from the north it is best to travel the trail north to south, from Kenesjärvi to Sulaoja.

Trail Markings

In open fell areas the trail is marked with orange topped wooden poles, while in wooded areas it is marked with orange paint on tree trunks.

Kevo Trail

Trail Sections Sulaoja - Kenesjärvi

  • Suttesája - Luopmošjohka, 2 km
  • Luopmošjohka - Ruktajávri, 10 km
  • Ruktajávri - Geavvogeašláttu, 3 km
  • Geavvogeašláttu - Suohpášája, 8,5 km
  • Suohpášája - Gaskkamuš Suohpášája, 1,5 km
  • Gaskkamuš Suohpášája - Fiellogahjohka, 5 km
  • Fiellogahjohka - Roajášjávri, 9,5 km
  • Roajášjávri - Gamajotnjálmmeluoppal, 3 km
  • Gamajotnjálmmeluoppal - Gamajotnsuohpášája, 1,5 km
  • Gamajotnsuohpášája - Gaskkamuš Njaggaljávri, 8 km
  • Gaskkamuš Njaggaljávri - Tapiola Goahti, 1 km
    • Tapiola turf hut has burned 27th of july 2015
  • Tapiola Goahti - Beahcelávojávrrit, 2 km
  • Beahcelávojávrrit - Guoikgáhritája, 2 km
  • Guoikgáhritája - Silkeája, 3,5 km
  • Silkeája - Ganešjávri, 2,5 km

Kevo Trail Route Description

Kuivi Trail

Trail Sections Sulaoja - Guivi - Sulaoja

  • Suttesája - Luopmošjohka, 2 km
  • Luopmošjohka - Ruktajávri, 10 km
  • Ruktajávri - Njávgoaivi, 6 km
  • Njávgoaivi - Áhkojoga gámme, 7,5 km
  • Áhkojoga gámma - Kuivi open wilderness hut, 10 km
  • Kuivi open wilderness hut - Guivi Fell - Kuivi open wilderness hut, 8 km
  • Kuivi open wilderness hut - Fiellogahjohka, 13 km
  • Fiellogahohka - Gaskkamuš Suohpášája, 5 km
  • Gaskkamuš Suohpášája - Suohpášája, 1,5 km
  • Suohpášája - Geavvogeašláttu, 8,5 km
  • Geavvogeašláttu - Ruktajávri, 3 km
  • Ruktajávri - Luopmošjohka, 10 km
  • Luopmošjohka - Suttesája, 2 km

Kuivi Trail Route Description

Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!