Customer Service and Guidance

  • Siida - Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre in the village of Inari is open around the year, and offers information about Kevo Strict Nature Reserve and other hiking destinations in the Northern Lapland.
  • Utsjoki Nature Information point is open during the summer. 
    • An exhibition on the mosquitoes.
    • During the summer, Utsjoki Municipality's tourist information operates there, tel. 040 181 0263

Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in the Kevo Trail

Drinking Water

  • There are natural water points at each camping site as well as near each open wilderness hut and turf hut. The water in the entire area is usually safe to drink. Drinking natural water is however at your own risk. During warm weather it is best to boil water before drinking it.
  • Hiking in Finland: Drinking water

Waste Management

  • We recommend that each hiker brings their own non-biodegradable waste with them out of the area and sorts them at a recycling point.
  • There are recycling points at the Kevo Trail end point, at each open wilderness hut and at Suohppášája camping site. At these points hikers can sort hazardous waste (batteries), bottles, cans, biodegradable waste, ashes and mixed waste.
  • There are mixed waste bins at each camping site. Biodegradable waste should be placed in a toilet or composter, and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire.
  • Read more about Hiking Without Littering and Environmental Tips

Firewood Supply

  • Firewood and an axe can be found at each campfire site, open wilderness hut and turf hut.

Maintenance and Management


  • There are dry toilets at each camping site and by each open wilderness hut and turf hut.

Overnight Stays

Camping and Lean-to Shelters

  • Camping within Kevo Strict Nature Reserve is restricted to marked campfire and camping sites of which there are many along the trail.
  • There are campfire shelters or turf huts at some of the campfire site which are intended as temporary shelters shielding hikers from poor weather. They are not suitable for overnight stays.
  • Additionally it is possible to camp on the grounds surrounding Ruktajärvi, Kuivi and Njavgoaivi open wilderness huts and Áhkojohka turf hut.
    • Njavgoaivi open wilderness hut is situated on Kuivi Trail 6 km from Ruktajärvi open wilderness hut.
    • Áhkojohka turf hut is also on Kuivi Trail in between Njavgoaivi open wilderness hut and Kuivi open wilderness hut. The turf hut is 7,5 km from Njavgoaivi open wilderness hut and 10 km from Kuivi open wilderness hut.

Open Wilderness Huts

Kevo Trail

Kuivi Trail

Other Services

  • The closest shops, service stations, post office services, taxi services and banks are in Karigasniemi and Utsjoki.
  • Please note that there are no ATMs in the municipality of Utsjoki.
  • The area's shops also sell some medications.
  • There are small medical centres in both Utsjoki and Karigasniemi.
  • If you need your car transported from one end of the trail to the other contact the area's taxi services or tourist enterprises (, in Finnish) to make inquiries.
  • There are many lodging places in the surrounding area. The closest hotel is in Utsjoki.
  • For more information on services see the municipality of Utsjoki web pages (, Finnish).

Kevo Trail Camping

From North to South:
(overnight stays)

Silkeája (2,5 km)
Guoikgáhritája (3,5 km)
Beahcelávojávrrit (2 km)
Gaskkamuš Njaggaljávri (3 km)
Njaggaljávri (8 km)
Gamajotnsuohpášája (1,5 km)
Gamajotnjálmmeluoppal (3 km)
Roajášjávri (9,5 km)
Fiellogahjohka (5 km)
Gaskkamuš Suohpášája (1,5 km)
Suohpášája (8,5 km)
Geavvogeašláttu (3 km)
Ruktajávri at (10 km)
Luopmošjohka (2 km)