Kevo Strict Nature Reserve is located in the area between Road 92 (Karigasniemi - Kaamanen) and Main Road 4 (Utsjoki - Kaamanen, E75).

By Car

  • Both ends of the trail are accessible by car. The starting/end points of the trail are located at Sulaoja by the road to Kangasniemi and at Kevesjärvi by the road to Utsjoki. There are parking areas at both these points.
  • Local entrepreneurs offer a car transport service (, in Finnish) between Sulaoja and Kenesjärvi.

Map of the Surroundings of Kevo Trail

By Public Transportation


Electronic Maps 

Map of Kevo Trail @ Metsähallitus 2014


Other Maps

  • Maastokarttoja: Terrain maps nos W444 and X433, 1:50 000. National Land Survey of Finland 2008. The maps are sold by Nature Centre Siida, Customer Service Ivalo, Karttakeskus and the National Land Survey of Finland.
  • Utsjoki Kevo ulkoilukartta: Utsjoki Kevo outdoor map, 1:100 000, Karttakeskus 2015. The map is sold by Nature Centre Siida, Ivalo Customer Service and Karttakeskus.
  • Retkeily GT Pohjois-Suomi: Outdoor GT Map Northern Finland, 2016, 1:400 000. The maps are sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.
  • Kevon kasvillisuuskartta: Kevo Strict Nature Reserve vegetation map, 1:50,000, Maanmittauslaitoksen karttapaino 1988. The map is sold by Nature Centre Siida.

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