Skiing Trails

A skiing trail, which leads from Karvio via Kohmanniemi to the centre of Heinävesi Village, is maintained by the municipality of Heinävesi ( during the winter. For the main part the skiing trail travels on top of the ice on the frozen lake. The straightest route from Karvio to Heinävesi Village is 9 km long and passes by the Vasarasaari excursion harbour. From Heinävesi visitors can get to Kermanlenkki skiing trail and from Karvio visitors can ski to Lintula Convent and Valamo Monastery.

Boating and Canoeing Routes

  • There are no marked canoe routes on Lake Kermajärvi. Visitors can canoe around Lake Kermajärvi. The Kerma, Vihovuonne and Pilppa Canals connect Lake Kermajärvi to the Kolovesi and Linnansaari National Parks.
  • The Heinävesi Water Route which has regular boat traffic passes through the area.
    • The Heinävesi - Kuopio waterway leads through the eastern section of the area. This waterway forks out into two routes at Kermanselkä. The routes lead to Kermankoski and Vihtari.
    • The channel is 1.8 metre deep.
    • Information on ship traffic in the area is available on the Kuopioinfo website (

Snowmobile Route

A marked snowmobile track leads through the Kermajärvi area. The track mainly leads over the ice of the frozen lake. It leads across ground for about 100 metres as it crosses the narrowest part of Puumalansaari Island. The snowmobile track is maintained by the municipality of Heinävesi (