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What can one do in Kermajärvi ?

Go Canoeing and Rowing

  • The beautiful Lake Kermajärvi offers peaceful canoeing and row boating possibilities for independent boaters. Kermajärvi is 13 km long, so to explore it well you should reserve 1 to 2 full days. You should be an experienced rower or canoeist as the open waters are vast and the labyrinth of islands is dense. A map of the area is enough as a guide though.
  • Kermajärvi is accessible by boat from Heinävesi, Karvio and Kermankoski.
  • For information on boating see the services for boaters page.

Go Canoe Trekking

Canoeing or row boating are good ways to get to know the diverse landscape of Lake Kermajärvi. There are no marked row boating or canoeing routes inside the area. There are five excursion harbours within Kermajärvi. Visitors may camp in the vicinity of the harbours.

Go Sailing or Motor Boating

Lake Kermajärvi is the main lake on the Heinävesi Water Route. There is open water with no islands in the centre of the lake. In other parts of the lake there is a labyrinth of islands. There are excursion harbours with services for boaters in the area.

  • Remember to let birds on islands nest in peace.

Ski Cross-country on Maintained Trails

A maintained skiing trail crosses the Lake Kermajärvi ice during winter and leads from Heinävesi to Karvio. You should keep in mind that currents weaken ice and currents can change during winter.

Go Fishing

  • Hook and line fishing and Ice Fishing
    • Hook and line fishing and ice fishing are permitted as Everyman's Rights (
  • Lure Fishing
    • All 18 to 64 year-olds must pay the annual fisheries management fee (
      • The Karvionkoski Rapids recreational fishing area (Permit area 7561, www.erä is located in the northern part of Lake Kermajärvi (outside the Lake Kermajärvi area restriction). Trout (Salmo trutta), whitefish (Sander lucioperca) and (occasionally) landlocked salmon (Salmo salar m. sebago) swim up the Karvionkoski Rapids. Permits can be bought from Metsähallitus netstore (www.erä A fishing permit for Karvionkoski can be purchased for 6 hours, 12 hours or a full day.
  • Net Fishing
    • All 18 to 64 year-olds who wish to net fish must pay the annual fisheries management fee ( Permits can be bought from Metsähallitus netstore (www.erä As well as paying the management fee you must also have the land or water area owner's permission.
      • Trap fishing in state-owned waters within Kermajärvi (permit area 7010, www.erä, In Finnish) is allowed if you purchase a Metsähallitus trap fishing permit (www.erä, In Finnish). Permits can also be purchased by phone at +358 (0)20 69 2424.
  • Professional fishing is also done at Lake Kermajärvi. 
  • Fishers need to check the restrictions on fishing sites at (In Finnish).

Go Berry and Mushroom Picking

Blueberries and lingonberries can be found on the largest islands in the area. There are some very good mushroom picking spots.

Blueberries grow in abundance on the islands of Kermajärvi. Photo: Minna Oksanen

Go Swimming

There are no official swimming spots at Kermajärvi, but visitors may swim for example at excursion harbours. There are also small sandy coves within the area that are suited for swimming.