Kermajärvi Nature Reserve

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Location of Kermajärvi in Finland.Eastern Finland, South Savo Region
Municipality of Heinävesi (
Area: 43 sq. km. Established in 2014.
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

Lake Kermajärvi Nature Reserve is a peaceful water excursion destination in the centre of beautiful national landscape. You can come for a couple of days or boating, canoeing or fishing. The beautiful lake-side scenery is all in its natural state and the area's backwoods are wonderful for berry picking.

A view of open waters that cut through the island chains opens from the Heinävesi Water Route. This route leads from Savonlinna via Heinävesi to Kuopio and is considered one of Finland's most beautiful ferry routes. Kermajärvi is a nationally important landscape and nature reserve.

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