Sights and Activities at the Kärnäkoski Fortress

Explore the beautiful Lake Saimaa isthmus and its prestigious cultural history:
  • The Kärnäkoski Fortress was built under the leadership of the Russian General A. Suvorov at the end of the 1700s as part of the chain of fortresses in southeastern Finland, constructed to protect St. Petersburg. The Fortress, the surrounding walls and moat are in ruins, but still visible. You are welcome to enjoy the site but please keep off the Fortress walls. There is a long drop if you fall over the edge. Read more about the history of the Fortress
  • The Mountain Fort, or redoubt, which forms part of the Kärnäkoski Fortress, is situated some 400 metres to the south of the main site, on the other side of the road behind the lean-to-shelter. A path leads to the redoubt from the barge harbour next to the Fortress, and from the lean-to-shelter. In the old days, guards keeping watch in the Mountain Fort were able to spot travellers and boats in the distance.
  • The Kärnäkoski Mill was built in the 1830s. The milling of grain ended in the mid-1950s. The village association has repaired the Mill and the adjacent sawmill. The Mill is open to visitors from Easter to the end of September, 24 hours a day.
  • The barge harbour is an interesting relic from the early 1900s. The Kaukas company built a railway and transported timber from Lake Kuolimo to Lake Saimaa. When the water is low, the remains of old barge harbour poles are visible by the shore next to the jetty. Today, the barge harbour features a jetty for bathers and boaters, a campfire site and a lean-to-shelter.
  • Sheep grazing at the Fortress in summer are a joy for animal lovers.
  • The heritage landscape by the Fortress is of regional value. Read more about the natural features of the Fortress area
  • Events are organised at the Fortress e.g. for children. Read more about topical events at the Kärnäkoski Fortress

The Old Mill is open to visitors in the summer. Photo: Elias Lahtinen