Karhulahti Reservable Lapp Hut, Log Hut

Log hut, room for 25–30 hikers. Space on the floor and benches for about 10 people to stay overnight.


The reservable Lapp huts of Repovesi (www.repovesinationalpark.fi, in Finnish). Terms of reservation for the Karhulahti reservable hut. See where to pick up the keys.

The Karhulahti reservable Lapp hut is located near Olhava, on the hill next to the Karhulahti campfire site on the shore of Lake Repovesi. Accessibility has also been taken into account in the hut and within its grounds. The grounds are also included in the reservation. Use of the grounds is not possible without reserving the hut.


Southern Finland, Kymenlaakso Region, Municipality of Kouvola (www.kouvola.fi), Repovesi National Park

Map of Repovesi National Park


The closest parking area by land is Saarijärvi (about 4 km).

For driving instructions and public transport, see Repovesi National Park Directions and Maps

Karhulahti reservable Lapp hut, coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 61° 11.067' lon: 26° 49.544' ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 6783345 E: 490629.
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Price and Bookings

Rent from 75 € / day (incl. VAT 10 %). 

Bookings: www.repovedenkansallispuisto.fi 

The reservation starts at 2 pm on the day of arrival and ends at 10 am on the following day. 

The grounds are also included in the reservation. Use of the grounds is not possible without reserving the hut.


Keys are in the keybox at the hut. Check instructions on the reservation page. 

The key must be returned to keybox. A compensation fee in accordance with the terms of hire (www.repovesinationalpark.fi, in Finnish) will be collected if the key is not returned.

The hut door goes into the lock automatically. Remember to keep the key with you all the time!



A fireplace, broad benches by the walls, wooden floor. In the hut's grounds, you will find a locked woodshed, blocks of wood and an axe. There is a toilet for disabled persons in the vicinity of the hut. A campfire site and a picnic table are located next to the hut. A coffee pot, a tea pot, a frying pan and two saucepans are also available at the hut. The nearest well for drinking water is about 1 km away at Olhava.

Repovesi National Park follows the principle of hiking without littering, so there are no waste collection bins by the hut. Waste disposal is managed independently: it is the responsibility of each hiker to bring the waste they accumulate during the trip back to a recycling point. Biodegradable waste can be left in the dry toilet, and combustible waste can be burnt in the fireplace. Read more about Hiking without Littering.


The hut must always be cleaned after use. You can also purchase a cleaning service.

Pets are not permitted in the hut.

Smoking is prohibited in the hut.

Safety on hiking

Maintenance and Management

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland; Park Manager +358 40 017 2445.