Activities in Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo Mire Reserve

What can one do in Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo Mire Reserve?

Walk on Marked Trails

The area is traversed by the UKK Trail going from Kuhmo to Suomussalmi. Once it reaches Suomussalmi, its name changes to Itäraja Summer Hiking Route. There is a total of 3 km of trails in the reserve. You are also allowed to leave the marked trail.

Go Wilderness Trekking

The UKK Trail continues in both directions outside the area. There are good opportunities for a trek in the wilderness.

Ski Cross-country off Trails

You can ski cross-country anywhere in the area. There are no maintained trails, but you can use snowmobile tracks for skiing.

Go Snowshoe Walking

The vast mire areas of Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo provide good opportunities for snowshoeing.

Go Canoeing and Rowing

Canoeing and rowing are also allowed in the area, but most of the waters are small mire pools and headwater brooks, and there are no boat launches.

Go Bird Watching

In the Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo area, you can watch birds of mires and old-growth forests. There are no special observation sites or towers.

See the Visitor Centre

The Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola, located near the population centre of Kuhmo, provides additional information on the Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo Mire Reserve.

Go Fishing

Permits can be bought from Metsähallitus netstore (www.erä and at Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola.

Go Hunting

  • In the Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo Mire Reserve, hunting is allowed in accordance with the hunting regulations.
  • The area is part of the small-game hunting area no. 5618 Itä-Kuhmo. Permits can be bought from Metsähallitus netstore (www.erä  
  • Local residents have free hunting rights.
  • It is forbidden to build shooting platforms and other structures used for hunting, or bring them to the reserve.

Go Berry and Mushroom Picking

Berry and mushroom picking are allowed in the area. There are lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus), bog bilberries (Vaccinium uliginosum) and crowberries (Empetrum nigrum). In mires, you can find cloudberries (Rubus chamaemorus) and cranberries (Vaccinium oxycoccus).