Pirttivaara - Lehtovaara 16 km

From Pirttivaara the route continues northward to Porrasaho, 2 km, where there is an information board at the parking area. The route leads into Martinselkonen Nature Reserve. Hoikkapää campfire site is on the west side of Lake Hoikkajärvi, about 4 km from Pirttivaara and Teerilampi open wilderness hut is north from there on the shore of Lake Teerilampi, about 6 km from Pirttivaara.

Martinselkonen, area of wilderness. Photo: Heikki Susiluoma

A 5.5 km long connecting trail from the north side of Teerilampi open wilderness hut leads to Lintulampi open wilderness hut. The summer hiking route itself continues northward and curves to the northwest over the boggy Löytövaara Hill and to Juoksutuksenaho campfire site, about 11 km from Pirttivaara. Notice! Footbridge crossing River Löytöjoki near Juoksutuksenaho is broken and out of use. After the campfire site the route continues west and reaches the River Taivaljoki, where there is a campfire site, located about 14 km from Pirttivaara. After passing the River Taivaljoki the route leads to a forest road and follows along climbing to Lehtovaara road. The route follows Lehtovaara road for a couple kilometres heading west.

  • Sights
    • Taivalkoski mill by the River Taivaljoki, near the campfire site.
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Lehtovaara - Kovavaara 17 km

At Lehtovaara road the route turns northward, crosses a snowmobile track the winter hiking route twice and then following the course of the winter hiking route leads to Hämeaho open wilderness hut (about 6.5 km from Lehtovaara road). From Hämeaho the route continues northward. The summer route turns off the winter hiking route though they meet up yet again later and separate once more on the south side of Lake Varpalampi. The summer hiking route circles Lake Tulijärvi along its eastern shore, where there is a campfire site (about 12 km from Lehtovaara). A separate 1 km long trail turns off the route on the north side of Lake Tulijärvi and leads to an open wilderness hut on the west side of Lake Tulijärvi (about 14 km from Lehtovaara). The summer hiking route leads north from Lake Tulijärvi and comes to the road to Kovavaara. The route leads through Housuvaara Nature Reserve.

Kovavaara - Hossa 24 km

From Kovavaara the route leads along Kovavaara road until turning northeast. The route leads to Vieremänsuo Mire Reserve. On the north side of Lake Palonen the summer and winter routes meet up and again turn off into separate directions on the north side of Lake Sulunlampi, with the summer hiking route winding around the west side of Lake Peuralampi. On the east side of Lake Louhilampi a separate 1.5 km long trail turns off the summer hiking route and leads to Syvälampi lean-to shelter (8.5 km from Kovavaara).

Remains of an old reindeer fence in Vieremänsuo Mire Reserve. Photo: Heikki Susiluoma

The summer hiking route continues heading north and then curves towards Lake Vieremänjärvi, on the south side of which there is a campfire site (about 12 km from Kovavaara). The route circles Lake Vieremänjärvi and leads onto Vieremänvaara Hill and continues by curving towards the River Vieremänjoki. The route continues to the northwest and leads to Hossa road. The route leads along the road for 2 km and leads from the centre of Hossa village along the connecting trail (4 km) to Hossa National Park.