Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo - Kuivajärvi 10 km

The route, which comes from Kuhmo, reaches the municipal boundary of Suomussalmi at Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo Mire Reserve. Its starting point can be reached by car by turning off road 912 (Suomussalmi - Kuhmo) onto Vartiuksentie road. Then continue along this forest road, located on the east side of Kurkivaara Hill, according to signposts until you reach the starting point at Ampiaisvaara.

The hiking route leads through the southern part of Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo Mire Reserve, crosses Vartius forest road and leads to Veihtijärvi campfire site, about 2.5 km. From the campfire site the route continues through commercial forest towards the north and follows the base of a forest road for sometime. Before reaching Lake Kuivajärvi the hiking route crosses a forest road, travels through forest and then follows a forest road. The route then reaches the road to Kuivajärvi. Domnan Pirtti Inn is 1.5 km to the east from this point.

Kuivajärvi - Malahvia 21 km

From Domnan Pritti Inn the route heads westward along the road for about 2 km and then at a parking area turns off Kuivajärventie road towards the north. The trail leads through Murhisalo, which is wilderness-like nature reserve in its natural state. The Saarijärvi Trail turns off the Itäraja Hiking Route. Kirnulampi lean-to shelter is situated about 3 km from the road and 400 metres from Itäraja Hiking Route, near the northern point where Saarijärvi Trail and the Itäraja Hiking Route meet up.

The summer hiking route continues towards the north and reaches the River Saunajoki. Murhijärvi lean-to shelter is situated about 200 metres east from this point, on the bank of the River Saunajoki, approximately 7 km from Kuivajärventie road. After the river Itäraja Hiking Route heads northward winding around water systems and at times meets up with the winter hiking route. In Alanteenkangas the route follows a road for sometime and then turns off it to head towards Lake Alanteenjärvi. Tammikoski lean-to shelter is located at the north end of Lake Alanteenjärvi, about 12 km from Kuivanjärventie road. The trail continues to follow the area's water systems towards the north and come to Louhenkoski lean-to shelter, 13 km from the road. The route then continues near the water's edge to Siikaniva, where there is a campfire site about 17 km from the road. After Siikaniva the hiking route leads to Malahvia. At Malahvia the route climbs to a roadside.

  • Sights:
    • Murhisalo saunas and Miina rock in Murhisalo Nature Reserve.
  • Services:
    • Rental cabins located at the Yli-Vuokki recreational fishing area: Tärppitupa, Paasonkoski, Juurikkaniva and Saapaskoski.

Lake Aittojärvi will be crossed by a narrow isthmus. Photo: Heikki Susiluoma

Malahvia - Raate 16 km

The route continues towards Lake Aittojärvi, where Aittojärvi lean-to shelter is situated on a narrow isthmus, just under 4 km from Malahvia. The route continues into a boggy forest area and meets up with the winter hiking route. The routes lead along the same path for a bit over one kilometre at which point on the south side of Lake Pieni Hukkalampi the summer route turns off the winter route. Hukkalampi campfire site is situated on the shore of Lake Pieni Hukkalampi, just over 12 km from Malahvia. After Hukkalampi campfire site the summer hiking route leads north through forest and comes to Raate.