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Trail Sections

Trail Markings

The summer hiking route is marked with blue paint symbols.

Connecting Trails

Hiking TrailsItäraja Summer Hiking Route leads through Murhisalo Nature Reserve. Photo: Heikki Susiluoma

  • Saarijärvi Trail, 8 km
    • This trail, which is marked with red paint symbols, is situated in Murhisalo Nature Reserve. The trail sets off from beside the road leading to Lake Kuivajärvi. The route leads for about a kilometre along the Itäraja summer hiking route and then turns off of it to circle Lake Saarijärvi in Lososuo Mire Reserve. At Lake Kirnulampi the trail again joins with the Itäraja summer hiking route. Kirnulampi lean-to shelter is situated on Saarijärvi Trail.
  • Riistapolku Game Trail, 2.2 km
    • A circle trail situated close to Martinselkonen Nature Reserve. The trail sets off from Martinselkonen Wilds Centre and features game related boards.
  • Connecting Trail Teerilampi - Liejukangas (4.2 km) - Lintulampi open wilderness hut (5.2 km)
    • The trail is marked with red paint symbols and is situated in Martinselkonen Nature Reserve. The connecting trail turns off the Itäraja Hiking Route about 300 metres north of Teerilampi open wilderness hut. The trail leads through Lintukangas forest, crosses the River Karttimojoki (by ferry) and comes to Liejukangas forest road. Before reaching the forest road a separate 1 km long trail turns off the connecting trail and leads to Lintulampi open wilderness hut.
  • Hossa National Park Trails

Canoeing Routes

Skiing Trails

  • The Martinselkonen Wilds Centre skiing trail, 17 km
    • This is connecting skiing trail situated in Martinselkonen Nature Reserve, which connects the Wilds Centre, Teerilampi open wilderness hut and Lintulampi open wilderness hut and then returns to the Wilds Centre. The ski trail is maintained by local entrepreneurs.
    • Services: There are campfire sites and dry toilets at both Teerilampi and Lintulampi open wilderness hut.
  • Arola Farm Holidays skiing trail, about 6 km
    • This skiing trail is situated north of Martinselkonen Nature Reserve and circles from Arola Farm to Taivalvaara Hill and back again. On the north side of Taivalvaara Hill the track follows along the Itäraja summer and winter hiking trails. The skiing trail is maintained by local entrepreneurs.
  • Circle skiing trail, about 20 km
    • Around Easter time a 20 km long skiing trail is constructed in Murhisalo Nature Reserve. The trail is opened in good time to accommodate the annual Vienan Hiihto ski event in Murhisalo, but is not maintained otherwise. The skiing trail sets off from Lake Kuivajärvi and partially follows the Itäraja winter hiking route. The skiing trail leads all the way to Lake Murhijärvi and returns along the back boundary of the border zone.
  • Itäraja Winter Hiking Route, 160 km
    • The Itäraja winter hiking route is situated near Finland's eastern border and connects at many points with the summer hiking route. The winter hiking route is marked with orange paint symbols. The winter hiking route trails are not regularly maintained.