Drinking Water

  • The surface water from the lakes, rivers and brooks must be boiled before use. Water in the springs and running water in the brooks is usually good for drinking. However, the quality of the water cannot be monitored, so the use of natural water is at your own risk.

Waste Management

  • There are no waste-bins along the hiking route. Measures should be taken in advance to avoid taking unnecessary waste into the area. Biodegradable waste should be placed in a toilet or composter, and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire. Read more about Hiking without littering.
  • There are two recycling and waste points along Itäraja summer hiking route, which are situated near Martinselkonen Nature Reserve.
    • Porrasaho parking area on the south side of Martinselkonen.
    • Taivalvaara parking area on the northwest side of Martinselkonen.
    • There is a recycling point in Hossa National Park right by Hossa Visitor Centre.

Firewood Supply

  • At each campfire site there is a firewood shelter equipped with logs and axes to chop them with.

Maintenance and Management

  • Waste management and firewood supply for the Itäraja summer hiking route are maintained by Metsähallitus, Natural Heritage Services Ostrobothnia, Syväyksenkatu 22, 89600 Suomussalmi, Finland. For more information contact Hossa Visitor Centre.


  • There are dry toilets at every campfire site, lean-to shelter and open wilderness hut. Biodegradable litter can also be left in dry toilets.

Overnight stays

Camping and Lean-to Shelters

  • Lean-to shelters along the summer hiking route listed in order from south to north
    • Kirnulampi lean-to shelter on Saarijärven Trail, 400 m from the summer hiking route.
    • Murhijärvi lean-to shelter
    • Tammikoski lean-to shelter
    • Louhenkoski lean-to shelter
    • Aittojärvi lean-to shelter
    • Hietajärvi lean-to shelter
    • Karttimonjoki lean-to shelter
    • Syvälampi lean-to shelter
    • Lean-to shelters in the Hossa National Park.

Lean-to shelters are good places to have a break or stay overnight. Photo: Heikki Susiluoma

Open Wilderness Huts

Rental Cabins

Other Services

  • Information on accommodations, meal and programme services, as well as, on equipment rental can be found on the municipality of Suomussalmi (www.suomussalmi.fi) website.
Services Offered by Partners in Hossa Hiking Area