The location of Itäraja Summer Hiking Route in FinlandKainuu
Municipality of Suomussalmi (
Mire Reserves of Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo and Vieremänsuo, Nature Reserves of Murhisalo, Viisriihinen, Karsikkovaara, Vaskenvaara, Martinselkonen and Housuvaara, Hossa National Park

The Itäraja Hiking Route consists of 160 km of trails and travels along through wilderness-like landscape the eastern boundary of Kainuu. It is intended for summertime hiking. There is plenty to see along the route, for example Viena Karelian villages as well as the wilderness-like areas of Murhisalo and Martinselkonen. There are also Winter War memorials along the route. The route's end point is at Hossa National Park, where hikers can admire, for example, the Hossa Värikallio rock paintings.

The summer hiking route is suited for wilderness trekking. During winter visitors may try their hand at cross-country skiing without trails along the route. In addition to the summer hiking route, there is an Itäraja winter hiking route, which is not regularly maintained. The winter and summer hiking routes connect at points and even lead along the same trails at times.

The Itäraja summer hiking trails can be divided into section for hikes lasting a day or two. The route can be travelled in its entirety or visitors can pick section to travel. The starting and end points of these sections are all the points along road 912 (Kuhmo - Suomussalmi) and road 843 where they intersect with small side roads or the hiking route trails.

Waste management and firewood supply for the Itäraja summer hiking route are maintained by Parks & Wildlife Finland, Syväyksenkatu 22, 89600 Suomussalmi.

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