Isojärvi National Park is located along the road 3284 (Kuhmoinen - Länkipohja). The way to the park is signposted from the road 9 (Tampere - Jyväskylä) and from the road 24 (Lahti - Jämsä).

By Car

  • When going to Heretty parking area, drive from the road 9 (Tampere - Jyväskylä), follow the National Park signs for 14 km from Länkipohja or 17 km from Kuhmoinen.
  • When going to Huhtala parking area, drive from Heretty for 7 km towards Länkipohja, then turn right and drive for about 1,5 km to Huhtala Croft.
  • The forest roads inside the National Park are closed with bars.

For more detailed parking area addresses, please see below under Starting Points for Excursions. 

Map of the surroundings of Isojärvi National Park

By Public Transportation

  • The nearest bus stops ( to the National Park are located in Länkipohja (14 km) and in Kuhmoinen (17 km).
  • There is a taxi rank in Kuhmoinen, but from Länkipohja direction it is wise to arrange a taxi in advance.
  • Majatalo Villanen in Länkipohja offers transportation package (, in Finnish)including two-way bus ticket from Tampere or Jyväskylä, an overnight stay, breakfast and two-way transportation to the national park.

Starting Points for Excursions

  • Heretty parking area (Kylämäntie 1335, Kuhmoinen), Huhtala parking area (Huhtalantie, Kuhmoinen), Kalalahti parking area (Huhtalantie, Kuhmoinen). In winter the Huhtala road is not ploughed. Only Heretty parking area is bloughed during winter time.
  • There is a parking area and boat launching place in Nokipohja (Nokipohja, Kuhmoinen), North-West to Huhtala croft.
  •  More precise parking area addresses are not available. Parking area addresses are in Finnish to be used in navigators.
  • Starting Points for Trails.


Electronic Maps

Map of Isojärvi National Park. © Metsähallitus 2014

Other Maps

  • Terrain map M424, 1:50 000. The map is sold by Karttakeskus.
  • Peruskarttalehdet: Base maps 1:20 000 nos 2144 02 ja 2144 05. The maps are sold by Karttakeskus and the National Land Survey of Finland.
  • Retkeily GT Länsi-Suomi: GT Outdoor map Finland West, 2015, 1:250 000. The maps are sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.

Map Sales Points

Parking Areas


  • Kylämäntie 1335, Kuhmoinen

Parking area addresses are in Finnish to be used in navigators.

Other parking areas

Destination Brochure

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Self-guided Tour: "7 Finnish National Parks"

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