Canoe Trip on Two Open Water AreasThe Labrador is very common in Inarijärvi lake. Photo: Tapio Tynys

This trip proposal extends to the mid-part of Lake Inarijärvi and is therefore both demanding and rewarding. This one-week trip requires careful planning as to what and how much food you should take with you. Luckily, the lake water is drinkable. Read more about the drinking water on the Hiking in Finland webpages.

Be prepared for the weather conditions to change a lot in one week. You will need warm and windproof clothes, headgear and gloves. The temperature may vary considerably in early summer, in particular. It can reach 25º Celsius, but it can also turn icily cold when the air masses arrive from the arctic regions.

It is slightly more than five kilometres to the first rest spot, which is the boating base on Jääsaari Island. From Jääsaari Island, the trip continues to the Jääsaari strait. The route is amongst the busiest on the lake, so it is recommended that canoeists stay away from the centre line in order to avoid large wakes.


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Route Description from Nanguniemi © Metsähallitus 2015

There is a z-sign for navigation purposes on the islet located in the middle of the mouth of the Jääsaari strait. At that point, you must decide on which side you will bypass the long chain of islands in front of you. The chain of islands separate the open waters of Kasariselkä and Sammakoselkä from each other. Kasariselkä is rocky and more open to winds than Sammakkoselkä on the eastern side. The boat course runs to Sammakkoselkä, where the route is clearer. In windy weather, choose the mid-most alternative on the map. Continue along the narrow straits sheltered by the islands to the Kärppätupa boating base. The distance from Jääsaari Island to Kärppätupa is at least 17 kilometres.

From Kärppäsaari, it is possible to continue northeast along the straits between the islands. There are plenty of sheltered natural harbours. The distance from Kärppäsaari Island to the northern side of Kuorpasaari Island and back to Kärppätupa is at least 27 kilometres.

You can start your return trip by canoeing from Kärppätupa heading east-southeast onto the northern side of Tavesaari Island and continuing along the strait between Tavesaari Island and Tuurakivisaari Island to the bay between Kovasaari Island and Keitinniemi. From there, you can continue via Kaamasnuora to Kuossaperä and further to the Tyllylahti boating base or to the Red Hut. Before that, you will pass the border sign signifying the Treaty of Teusina of 1595. The border sign marks the ancient border between Sweden and Russia. The distance from Kärppätupa to Tyllylahti is 19 kilometres.

From Tyllylahti, the trip continues southwards towards the Nanguniemi departure harbour. The final section is characterised by numerous islands. The length of the winding route is at least 10 kilometres.

The entire trip is at least 78 kilometres long.