Most of Finland is covered by coniferous forests, including many areas of unspoilt old-growth forest. Particularly beautiful areas of forest scenery include the national parks of Oulanka near Kuusamo, and Nuuksio within easy reach of Helsinki.

River scenery in Oulanka National Park. Photo: Ismo Pekkarinen

Many fells in northern Lapland rise above the tree line, giving panoramic views of Europe's last great wilderness, in areas like the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area and the Urho Kekkonen National Park.

Many of the extensive natural bogs that once covered much of Finland have now been drained, but some of the best surviving examples are preserved in nature reserves and national parks.

Many Finnish families have their own lakeside holiday homes, but many areas of beautiful unspoilt lakeland scenery such as the national parks of Koli and Repovesi are accessible to everyone.

Some of the most beautiful islands in Finland´s unique archipelago can also easily be visited in national parks.

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