Old-growth Forests

Among the most famous sights in Elimyssalo are the old-growth forests at the heart of the area. The best way to explore them is to follow the hiking trail built across the area.

Old-growth forest. Photo: Risto Sauso

Also beard lichen, the old man's beard, is worth seeing and feeling.

Beard lichen hang on the branches like old man's beard. Photo: Ari Meriruoko

Levävaara and Latvavaara

Restored to their 1950s appearance, the Levävaara farm and the Latvavaara farm with their surroundings show what it was like to live at an isolated wilderness farm far away from every thing.

The main buildings of Levävaara and Latvavaara are locked, but the outbuildings are open to the public. You can only visit Levävaara on guided tours or in different happenings, organised in the area.

The chamber musicians giving a concert in the living-room of Levävaara. Photo: Tanja Ahola

In summer there are sheep herding the fields of Levävaara. You may cuddle the sheep, but please remember, that the buildings are at the use of the sheep herders only.

Lammaspaimenena Levävaaralla. Kuva: Juha Pääkkönen

Near the Levävaara farm there is a small watermill by the Kotijoki River. It has been built following an old model.

Old style watermill. Photo: Juha Pääkkönen

Watermill. Photo: Juha Pääkkönen

The buildings of Latvavaara have also been restored and the courtyard has been mowed from time to time.

Old-style fence in Latvavaara. Photo: Juha Pääkkönen