Elimyssalo Nature Reserve

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Elimyssalon luonnonsuojelualueen sijainti Suomessa
Kuhmo (www.kuhmo.fi)
Area 73 km², established as part of the Friendship Park in 1990
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

In his book Kainuun mailta (From the Lands of Kainuu), Samuli Paulaharju describes how a man once climbed a wooded hill with a gun and a dog, a woman and a cauldron, and three children. Perhaps that was also the order of importance that guaranteed survival? All around them was a forest, intersected by mires, and in the midst of the forest the cattle of the Metsola farm. This same atmosphere can still be felt when wandering in Elimyssalo.

The Elimyssalo Nature Reserve represents the best of forest nature that Kainuu has to offer.  It is a tapestry of different types of mires, old spruce forests draped with beard lichens, lush stream banks, and small lakes and ponds.

Located near Finland's eastern border, the reserve forms a central part of the Friendship Park. Together with the Kostomuksha Nature Reserve on the Russian side, the Friendship Park form the Finnish-Russian Friendship Nature Reserve, which was established for shared research and monitoring efforts in the field of nature conservation. Nowadays also recreation and environmental education play an important role in the cooperation.

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