A winter fell view with untouched snow and trees covered with heavy snow.

Sallatunturi Fell Area

The fell area consisting of Iso Pyhätunturi Fell and Pieni Pyhätunturi Fell is known as Sallatunturi. Iso Pyhätunturi is the area's highest summit at 477 m above sea level and offers spectacular views from its peak. From the summit hikers can admire the Sallatunturi fell chain, consisting of Sallatunturi, Välitunturi and Rohmoiva, located in Russia. On clear days from the top of Iso-Pyhätunturi Fell visitors can view numerous other fells - such as Rukatunturi and Pyhätunturi located at Pelkosenniemi.

Salmijoki Ravine

River flows through narrow rocky rapids, there's a wooden bridge over the rapids.

Salmijoki Ravine was formed by the flow and wear of a river under glaciers during the Ice Age. The massive cliff walls line the sides of the rocky River Salmijoki. The slopes of the ravine are covered by magnificent old-growth forests with plenty of thick branched old pines and dead standing trees. Vegetation is varied in the area's stream side spruce mires and on cliffs. From the Salla - Kemijärvi road there is a forest road towards the ravine and from its end a marked trail. Hikers can also get to the ravine by following the marked trail which sets off from Sallatunturi.

Lake Kalliojärvi

Lake Kalliojärvi is located in a narrow rocky gorge. It is a gorgeous wilderness lake and located 7 km west of Sallatunturi Fell. The lake is beside the trail leading into and through Salmijoki Ravine and during winter it can be reached along a maintained ski trail. There is a day-trip hut on the lake shore.

A river with steep and rocky shores with forest on a cloudy summer day.

Kaunisharju Ridge

A view from a cliff to pine forest and fells.

Pine tree covered Kaunisharju Ridge is made up of two back to back ridges Hanhiharju and Kauniinhaudanharju. The views are beautiful, especially from the very top from where a gorgeous view stretches to the north.

Topsakka-aapa Bog

Topsakka-aapa Bog which is located in the Suksenpaistama - Miehinkävaara Natura Site is a vast mire area which is traversed by Topsakkaharju Ridge. The bog can be reached by following the UKK Hiking Trail. There is a bird watching tower on Topsakkaharju Ridge from where visitors can observe life in the surrounding mire and at the near-by Lake Topsakkajärvi.

Palotunturi Fell

There is a scenic lookout point at the top of Palotunturi Fell, which is located to the southeast side of Topsakka-aapa Bog. There are amazing views from this lookout point which can be reached by following the UKK Hiking Trail.

Aatsinginhauta Canyon

Aatsinginhauta Canyon is about 20 km long and its bottom is 250 meters lower than the area's highest hills. Visitors can admire views of the canyon from the UKK Hiking Trail.