Films at the Pallastunturi Visitor Centre Auditorium

The visitor centre is closed for the time being. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A fell landscape. The text Pallas-Yllästunturi national park is written in Finnish in the middle of the picture.


Short films are free of charge and they are shown when you ask for it.

  • The Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park (20 min)
    • A film of the nature of the national park .
    • Language: Finnish, English and French.
  • Jerisjärvi Fishing Event (25 min)
    • A recording of the traditional fishing event on Lake Jerisjärvi.
    • Language: Finnish
  • The Forest (18 min)
    • An introduction to the Finnish forest.
    • Language: Finnish, Swedish, English, and German.
  • Nature is Burning (15 min)
    • A film on the restoration of forests and mires.
    • Language: Finnish, Swedish, and English.
  • Trails to Natura (12 min)
    • Objectives of and habitat types included in the Natura 2000 network and the use of Natura sites.
    • Language: Finnish.
  • Best Before (26 min)
    • A film on evolution and the changing rhythms of nature.
    • Language: Finnish.
    • A film on habitat restoration work.
    • Language: Finnish, Swedish, and English.
  • Better than Ever (15 min)
    • The Landscape of Work and Animals (15 min)
    • A film on heritage landscapes and their management.
    • Language: Finnish, Swedish, and English.
  • The Incredible Baltic Sea (9 min)
    • A film on the Baltic and its significance.
    • Language: Finnish, Swedish, and English.
  • Arctic Fires (45 min)
    • A film on the expedition sent by Louis Philippe I, the King of France, to Lapland between 1838 and 1839. The expedition was led by vicar Lars Levi Laestadius.
    • Language: Finnish.