Kevo Strict Nature Reserve Directions and Maps


Kevo Strict Nature Reserve is located in the area between the road 92 (Karigasniemi-Kaamanen) and the road 4, E75 (Utsjoki-Kaamanen).


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By Car

  • The both ends of the Kevo Trail, Sulaoja and the Lake Kenesjärvi, can be reached by car.
  • Sulaoja is located along Karigasniemi-Kaamanen road, about 11 km east from the village of Karigasniemi.
  • The Lake Kenesjärvi is located along Utsjoki-Kaamanen road, about 26 km south from the village of Utsjoki.
  • There are parking areas in the both ends of the trail. After the hike, you can return to your car by bus. Taxi drivers may also provide car relocation service, as well as may the companies which offer services for tourists. More information from and driving directions to Siida Nature Centre.

By Public Transportation

  • There is a daily coach connection ( from Ivalo to Sulaoja and the Lake Kenesjärvi, from Karigasniemi to Sulaoja, and from Utsjoki to the Lake Kenesjärvi.
  • A taxi service is awailable at the airport in Ivalo, the village of Ivalo and the village of Utsjoki.

Starting Points for Excursions

Hikers can set off at the south end of the trail at the River Sulaoja or from its north end at Lake Kenesjärvi. When travelling from Sulaoja to Kenesjärvi, Kevo Canyon comes into view as majestic and awe-inspiring. During autumn when biting winds blow from the north it is best to travel the trail north to south, from Kenesjärvi to Sulaoja.


(In the summer, moving is allowed only on marked trails, in the canyon area during 15.6. - 15.10 and in the fell area during 1.5. - 15.10.)



  • Utsjoki Kevo Paistunturit, waterresistant outdoor map 1:50 000. Karttakeskus 2021. The map is sold by Nature Centre Siida, Ivalo Customer Service and Karttakeskus.
  • Retkeily GT Pohjois-Suomi: GT Outdoor map Finland North, 2016, 1:400 000. The maps are sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.
  • Kevo-Paistunturi, waterresistant map, 1:25 000 and 1:50 000, Calazo Förlag 2016. The map is sold by Nature Centre Siida and Ivalo Customer Service.
  • Maastokartat: Terrain maps nos W444 and X433, 1:50 000, National Land Survey of Finland 2008. The maps are sold in Ivalo Customer Service, Nature Centre Siida and the National Land Survey of Finland.

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Parking Areas

  • Karigasniementie road 92, Sulaoja
  • Utsjoentie road 4 (E75), Kenesjärvi

More precise parking area addresses are not available. Parking area addresses are in Finnish to be used in navigators.

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