The Herajärvi Trail runs through Koli National Park and on private land in the municipality of Kontiolahti. There are different kinds of places along the trail at suitable distances for having a break, staying overnight and filling up your water supplies.

Customer Service and Guidance 

  • The Herajärvi Trail is managed by Metsähallitus within the Koli National Park area and outside it by the municipality of Kontiolahti. Customer service is provided by the Nature Centre Ukko at Koli.
  • Guided Herajärvi Trail hiking tours can be booked from the local programme service providers.  

Drinking Water 

  • We recommend taking bottles of tap water with you before setting off. Tap water suitable for drinking without boiling is available at Koli Nature Centre Ukko, Break Sokos Hotel Koli ( and Herajärven Retkeilykeskus in Kiviniemi (, in Finnish).
  • Water in the wells and springs along the trail should be boiled before using as drinking water. Also the surface water from lakes, rivers and brooks must be boiled before drinking.
  • Places to get water along the northern Herajärven kierros Trail:
    Koli Nature Centre Ukko or Break Sokos Hotel Koli (tap water), (Ikolanaho spring not suitable for drinking even after boiling at the moment!), Myllypuro stream, Pitkälampi pond and a couple of small streams between Ryläys and Kiviniemi, Herajärven Retkeilykeskus in Kiviniemi (tap water), Seppälä well and Pitkälampi pond near Ylä-Murhi rental hut. Please note, that Pitkälampi pond is the last place to get water before arriving back to Nature Centre Ukko.
  • Places to get water along the southern Herajärven kierros Trail:
    Herajärven Retkeilykeskus in Kiviniemi (tap water), Ahvenlampi pond, Kuikkipuro stream near Eteläpää lean-to shelter, a well near Suopelto (on your own risk), Herajoki river, Putrakonlähde spring soon after crossing the Herajoki river and Seppälä well.
  • Water quality in Mörkölampi spring, Ikolanaho well and Ikolanaho spring is poor and not suitable for drinking even after boiling.
  • Look at the tips for outdoors drinking water in Hiking in Finland -pages.

Waste Management 

  • Koli National Park and the Herajärvi Trail have adopted the principle of hiking without littering – if you can take it there, you can also take it back. There are no waste collection bins at the trail's rest spots. Biodegradable waste, however, can be composted in the dry toilets, and there are instructions at the campfire sites on what waste can be safely burnt. Metal, glass and hazardous waste can be dropped off at the Visitor Centre Ukko's recycling point.

Firewood Supply  

  • Firewood is available along the trail in the sheds at the rest spots. It is usually stored as felled and lopped poles, which need to be cut with a saw and an axe. The firewood is brought to the campfire sites on snowmobiles in the winter, and the stocks are replenished in the summer as needed. If more firewood is needed or tools are missing, please contact the Koli Nature Centre Ukko at +358 206 39 5654 for service.

Maintenance and Management 

  • Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Services for Southern Finland is responsible for waste management and firewood supplies within Koli National Park, and the other sections of the trail are serviced by the municipality of Kontiolahti. More information is available at the Koli Nature Centre Ukko.


  • There is a toilet at the Koli Nature Centre Ukko.
  • Dry toilets along the Northern Herajärvi Trail:
    • Ikolanaho
    • Ryläys
    • Kiviniemi
    • Lakkala
    • Pitkälampi
    • Havukankorpi
  • Dry toilets along the Southern Herajärvi Trail:
    • Kiviniemi
    • Lakkala
    • Rykiniemi (550 m trail off the main trail)
    • Suopelto
    • Eteläpää
    • Ahvenlampi
    • Huuhkajavaara

Overnight stays

If you so wish, you can even sleep between sheets every single night of your excursion. You can have a lighter backpack by staying overnight in rental huts ( or by using the services provided by Break Sokos Hotel Koli (, Kolin Ryynänen (, in Finnish), or Kiviniemi Farm (, in Finnish).

Camping and Lean-to Shelters 

  • The Northern Herajärvi Trail
    • Myllypuro (camping site, 1 km trail off the main trail)
    • Ryläys (campfire shelter)
    • Kiviniemi (, in Finnish), (granary, lean-to shelter, camping site)
    • Lakkala (camping site)
  • The Southern Herajärvi Trail
    • Lakkala (camping site)
    • Rykiniemi (camping site, 550 m trail off the main trail)
    • Suopelto (lean-to shelter)
    • Eteläpää (lean-to shelter)
    • Kiviniemi (, in Finnish), (granary, lean-to shelter, camping site)

Rental Hut 

  • Ahvenlampi (rental hut owned by the municipality of Kontiolahti, located 3.2 km from the Eteläpää rest spot towards Kiviniemi)
  • The Northern Herajärvi Trail
  • The Southern Herajärvi Trail
    • Metsäpirtti (rental hut, 1.7 km trail off the main trail from Lakkala)
    • Seppälä (rental hut, 400 m trail off the main trail)
    • Lakkala (rental hut)

Equipment Rental 

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

Check for Warnings

When forest and grass fire warnings ( are in effect, fire is only allowed at covered campfire sites that have a flue. A fire can be also lit in fireplaces at wilderness and other huts. Always use extreme caution when handling fire. The one who lights a fire is always responsible for its safe use. Please note, that making fire at these campfire sites can be banned locally. 

Gathering at the campfire sites increases the risk of coronavirus infection. Guidelines concerning coronavirus COVID-19