Services in Ekenäs Nature Centre

  • Information and brochures on Metsähallitus products and services.
  • Information on Ekenäs Archipelago National Park and hiking destinations in the surrounding areas, such as bird watching towers and nature trails.
  • Information on hiking.
  • We sell maps of the surrounding area, books, posters and other related products.
  • Guided tours for groups.
  • There is a summer cafe, restaurants, a beach (owned by the town of Raseborg) and a guest harbour close-by to the Nature Centre.

Ekenäs Nature Centre. Photo: Heini Ukkonen


  • The Nature Centre's auditorium seats 50 people.
  • The auditorium is wheelchair accessible.
  • The basic equipment includes a video projector that can be plugged into a computer.
  • The auditorium can be hired for conferences.
  • The rent is 25 €/hour, or part of an hour or 150 €/day. Outside opening hours the rent is 50 €/hour, or part of an hour or 300 €/day.

Services for the Disabled

  • You can get to the Nature Centre from the parking area next to the building. There is a wheelchair ramp next to the Nature Centre's outside stairs. Assistance is needed on the ramp and opening the door. The staff is happy to assist when necessary.
  • The exhibition space is accessible by wheelchair, except for small sections on the second floor.
  • The auditorium is accessible by a wheelchair and fits many wheelchairs at once.
  • The building has a toilet for the disabled on the entrance floor.

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