Fiskträsk's new lean-to shelter was completed - new service structures in Sipoonkorpi National Park respond to increased demand

During the past two years, Sipoonkorpi National Park has improved its service structures in the form of new trails, rest spots and parking spaces. Sipoonkorpi has become a popular hiking destination for capital residents alongside Nuuksio. 

A wooden lean-to shelter in the forest. There is a fireplace and benches in front of the lean-to shelter.

A new lean-to shelter and fireplace have been built in Sipoonkorpi in connection with the recently completed rest spot on the shore of Fiskträsk. The lean-to shelter was built in Kerava Prison and set up by the prisoners. It serves hikers along the Fiskträsk trail near the cooking shelter completed earlier this year. 

A wooden cooking shelter with a fireplace in the middle. There are three people in the cooking shelter .

"The lean-to shelter complements the new service structures that we have invested heavily in over the past two years," says Spatial Planner Liisa Neuvonen from National Parks Finland.

The lean-to shelter is accessible from Korvenportti’s and Bakunkärr’s parking areas. The area should only be used on marked trails, as private plots are located in the vicinity. 

Sipoonkorpi’s popularity is not just a coronavirus phenomenon

As with other national parks, the number of visitors to Sipoonkorpi increased as a result of the coronavirus in 2020, and has remained significantly higher than before that time. This year, nearly 75,000 visitors had already visited Sipoonkorpi by the end of July. That is 44% more than in the corresponding period for 2019. 

Efforts have been made to respond to the increased demand by creating new trails, building rest spots and allowing camping at rest spots, excluding Storträsk. In a couple of years, the Bakkunkärr, Knuters and Fiskträsk tours as well as the Bisajärvi, Fiskträsk and Bakunkärr rest spots with cooking shelters have been completed. Some of the trails have been made more durable with gravel on easily worn parts and by adding duckboards to wet areas. In addition, the use of chips as a route surface is tested on a few sections of the route. New parking spaces have also been built and old ones have been expanded. 

"Now that more rest spots and parking spaces have been built, we will focus next year on restoring existing marked trails and developing the maintenance of the national park," says Sipoonkorpi Foreman Juha Roisko

Spatial Planner Liisa Neuvonen is pleased that the capital residents have found not only Nuuksio but also Sipoonkorpi. 

"Sipoonkorpi has emerged alongside Nuuksio as a hiking destination known and loved by the capital residents," she says. 

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