Construction work on Lapinsalmi Bridge has begun in Repovesi National Park


A new steel-frame pylon bridge is currently under construction at Lapinsalmi. The deck of the bridge will be made of wood. The worksite area has been marked off with warning line and fences, and outsiders are forbidden from entering the bridge worksite. The bridge modules will be transported to Lapinsalmi by tractor and all-terrain vehicle. A temporary suspension bridge will also be built at the worksite. This will be used to transport material from one side of Kapiavesi to the other. A representative of the contractor will always be on site to warn hikers when material transports are in progress on the ground or above water. The expected completion date for the bridge is early October. The construction work will cause some noise, which should be taken into consideration if you plan to hike in the Lapinsalmi area. 

Side profile of the Lapinsalmi bridge.

The new Lapinsalmi Bridge will cross Kapiavesi at a height of 10 metres and it will be 50 metres long. The bridge should be ready in early October. 

Boat transportation across Lapinsalmi will operate from the pier at Lapinsalmi parking area to the pier at Lapinsalmi rest stop between 10 am and 6 pm on 24–25 August and 31 August-1 September. This service is free of charge for hikers. The boat transportation is being organised in cooperation with the City of Kouvola. The Ketunlossi ferry is also operating normally. The Repovesi trails are easily accessible from the Saarijärvi and Tervajärvi parking areas as well.

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