• You will get to Vallisaari Island by water buss during the summer period May-September 2017. The water buss transportation providers are  JT-line (www.jt-line.fi) and Aavalines (www.aavalines.fi, in Finnish) and transportation starts from the Market Square. 
  • The excursion harbour has 48 berths subject to a charge. Daytime visits are charged at EUR 7 per five hours. Overnight stay is EUR 15. Outside summer season berthing is free of charge.
  • Guided tours to Vallisaari are organised by the Ehrensvärd Society (www.suomenlinnatours.com) during the Summer.
    • Tours (2h) in Finnish begin at 11.30 from Torpedolahti, near the excursion harbour cafe on Saturdays 30.6.-11.8.2018. Tickets are available on society's website and www.vallisaari.fi (in Finnish). You can also buy your ticket directly from the guide, either with cash or card.
  • Guided tours on fatbikes are organised by Bliss Adventure.
    • Prices (www.blissadventure.fi)
  • It is possible to stay the night in Vallisaari, but only in the specific area of tree tents provided by Honkalintu (www.honkalintu.fi).  
  • Cooperation partners on the island also organise guided tours and themed activities for groups upon request.
  • You can rent a kayak or take part in a guided paddling tour by Meriseikkailukeskus.
  • The café: a container café serves in the Torpedolahti excursion harbour in Vallisaari from May until September. There are also many other cafes and a restaurant in the area.
  • Vallisaari has two water points. The locations of water points are indicated on the information boards found in the islands.
  • There are several rest stops/picnic sites on Vallisaari Island: A small rest stop by the Vallisaari pond and rest stops suitable for larger groups in an open building 200 metres from the main jetty of the Luotsitalo pilot house; and a meadow next to Kakkospatteri ("Second Battery"). In addition there are benches at Alexander Battery and Torpedolahti. The rest stops are equipped with tables and benches for the benefit of those enjoying a snack. The locations of the rest stops are indicated on the information boards found in the islands. Please note, that there is no winter maintenance on the trails.
  • Dry toilets are located next to the Vallisaari main jetty, on the meadow near Kakkospatteri ("Second Battery"), at the Alexander Battery, in Kuolemanlaakso (‘Valley of Death'), and in the sandy cove in Kuninkaansaari. The locations of the dry toilets are indicated on the information boards found in the islands. No municipal engineering infrastructure is available in the islands.

Dry toilets have been placed, among other spots, to the sandy cove in Kuninkaansaari Island. Photo: Jukka-Pekka Ronkainen

Services for the Disabled

  • There are no services for the disabled on the island, and no toilets for the disabled. The dry toilet located next to the main jetty of the Luotsitalo pilot house is accessible to disabled visitors with assistance.
  • The islands are accessible for prams, but the trails are not unobstructed. The terrain is uneven and the uphill sections are steep.

Instructions for Visitors

Use caution when walking in the islands: familiarise yourself with the instructions, rules, and warnings regarding Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari. By following the instructions, we can foster the well-being of visitors, keep the islands enjoyable for everyone, and help to preserve the islands' fragile nature and enchanting cultural heritage.

Photo: Usov Evgeni

Services Offered by Partners in Vallisaari