Southern Konnevesi National Park

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The Emblem of Southern Konnevesi National Park - OspreyIn Southern Konnevesi National Park, visitors can enjoy the wide open waters of the lake in a boat, or canoe through a maze of islands among smooth glaciated rocks and vertical rock walls. In the clear water, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the depths that are the domain of the wild lake brown trout. Breathtaking contrasts characterise this national park. You can trek from herb-rich forests to high cliffs for a view over the magnificent landscape of the osprey.

Conquer the Hilly Landscape in the Midst of Clear Waters

Location of Southern Konnevesi National Park in FinlandLocation: Central Finland and Northern Savo, Konnevesi ( and Rautalampi (, in Finnish). Read more.

Arrival: By car, boat and canoe. Read more.

Activities: Boating, canoeing, hiking. Read more.

Sights: The hilly landscape of Northern Savo and magnificent lake views that stretch out below cliff tops, giant aspen trees in old-growth forests, wide open lake landscapes and a maze of islands, steep vertical cliffs by the water. Read more.

Suitability: Ideal whether you want to enjoy a boat excursion or go by land. Parts of the terrain feature steep slopes. The Vuori-Kalaja area is accessible for assisted wheelchair users (90 m) and there is an accessible jetty on the Lapinsalo island. 

Services: Campfire shelters, lean-to-shelters, campfire sites and dry toilets. There are also accessible campfire shelters and toilets in Vuori-Kalaja and Lapinsalo island. Plenty of accommodation-, food-, transportation-, equipment rental- and programservices offered by entrepreneurs. Read more.

Trails: Kalajan kierros (4,6 km) trail leads you to the giant aspens and to the top of the hill Kalajanvuori, where you can admire the view over the nationalpark. The 14 km hiking trail, Kolmen vuoren vaellus (Three Mountains hike), runs all round the rugged Enonniemi. The 2.8 km hiking trail of Loukkuvuori (Loukkuvuoren lenkki) enables visitors arriving in Enonranta by boat to enjoy the magnificent lake scenery from the top of Loukkuvuori hill. The trails are challenging due to the great differences in altitude. The Vuori-Kalaja pond is accessible along an easy trail for assisted wheelchair users, hikers and mountain bikers. Read more

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The area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, address: Seitsemisentie 110, 34530 Länsi-Aure, Finland.

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