In Haukkalampi Nature Information Hut you can find out about the diverse natural features of Nuuksio National Park and particularly about its emblem species the Siberian Flying Squirrel (Pteromys volans).

Next door in Haukanpesä Guide Hut a National Park guide is on duty during the summer.

Services at the Haukanpesä Guide Hut

  • Information about the National park
  • Outdoor maps, t-shirts, sleeve badges, snacks, coffee, cold drinks and some other products are sold at the Guide Hut.
  • All groups can make a reservation for a guide to give a short (15 min) introduction about the National Park. Reservations from the Guide Hut.
  • The National Park Guides give guided tours in the park only for school and kindergarten groups. A fee is charged for guided tours.

Haukanpesä Guide Hut. Photo: Teemu Laine

Haukkalampi Nature Information Hut's Opening Hours in 2018

23.9.2017–29.4.2018 Sat–Sun 9.30 am–4 pm

There is no staff at the Nature Information Hut.

Haukkalampi Information Hut. Photo: Katariina Hopponen


There is no entrance fee. There is room for about 20 people at the same time.


By Car

From Nupurintie Road, turn to Nuuksio road towards north, drive past Solvalla a couple of kilometres and turn left to Haukkalampi. There is a sign at the fork of the road.

Map of the surroundings of Haukkalampi © Metsähallitus

By Public Transportation

The nearest bus stop is about 2 km from Haukkalampi, at the fork of the road to Haukkalampi. The bus is 245(A) ( from Espoo Centre (Espoon keskus). Trains run to Espoo Centre from for example Helsinki. The regional ticket (‘seutulippu') is valid for one hour on local trains and busses.


Permanent Exhibition

The Flying Squirrel is the emblem species of Nuuksio National Park. The theme of the exhibition at the Nature Information Hut is the threatened Flying Squirrel and its habitat. The animals and vegetation of the typical old, rich forest of Nuuksio, growing Aspens (Populus tremula) and other deciduous trees, and Spruces (Picea), is shown in the exhibition by samples, pictures and stories. There are texts also in embossed printing.

The theme of the exhibition at the Nature Information Hut is the endangered Flying Squirrel. Photo: Katariina Hopponen

In the exhibition there is a short introduction of the National Park, and information on what is currently happening in the National Park.

In the Nature Information Hut you can also warm yourself, eat your packed lunch or play a trekking board game.


All the circle trails begin in front of the Nature Information Hut. On the grounds there are dry toilets, a recycling point and tap water available.

Services for the Disabled

The building is not wheelchair accessible.

Haukanpesä Guide Hut's Opening Hours in 2018

Natura Viva ( from 1.5.2018. Haukanpesä is open 1.5.-30.9.2018 everday from 10 to 18.

Contact Information

Haukkalammen luontotupa
02820 Espoo

Natura Viva ( from 1.5.2018.

The Nature Information Hut is managed by Metsähallitus.