Kvarken Archipelago 

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Kvarken's logoThe Kvarken Archipelago is a living world heritage site where local people live in harmony with their unique natural setting. Moraine formations from the Ice Age are still slowly emerging from the sea here, creating the unique landscapes that have earnt the archipelago its world-class status. Enjoy this uplifting scenery from the viewing tower at Svedjehamn or on an organised boat trip. The Kvarken Archipelago became Finland's first UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2006.

Land Uplift and Lively Archipelago Villages

Location of Kvarken Archipelago Nature Reserve in FinlandLocation: In Ostrobothnia in Korsnäs (www.korsnas.fi, in Finnish), Malax (www.malax.fi, in Finnish), Korsholm (www.korsholm.fi), Vaasa (www.vaasa.fi) and Vörå (www.vora.fi). Read more

Arrival: By car, boat and public transportation. Read more

Activities: Canoeing, fishing, birdwatching. Read more

Sights: The land uplift coast, the fishing villages, boulders and archipelago birds. Read more

Suitability: Excellent for families with children. Also well suited for boaters, birdwatchers and recreational fishermen. Only partly suitable for the disabled.  

Services: A wide variety of services: Rental huts and campfire sites (including firewood and dry toilets) from May to November. About other services provided by local entrepreneurs in the area: Read more

Trails: Marked and easy nature trails for hikes that last from a few hours to an entire day (1-12 km). Boat transport is needed for some of the trails. Björkö-Panike Hiking Trail (12 km). Read more

This is the web page www.nationalparks.fi/kvarken

Customer Service

Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site, customer service: tel. int. +358 50 346 6200


See Directions: By Public Transportation to Kvarken Archipelago Nature Reserve

See Directions: By Boat to Kvarken Archipelago Nature Reserve

See Directions: By Car to Kvarken Archipelago Nature Reserve

Services Offered by Partners in Kvarken Archipelago Nature Reserve

The High Coast and the Kvarken Archipelago

The High Coast is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Municipalities: Kramfors and Örnsköldsvik in Sweden, and Korsholm, Korsnäs, Malax, Vaasa and Vörå in Finland.


  • The High Coast: 140,000 hectares, of which 60,000 ha are land areas
  • Kvarken Archipelago: 194,400 hectares, of which 29,300 ha are land areas