What's Currently Happening in Koli National Park


It hasn't been raining in long time, and there is forest fire warning. Forests are is extremely dry and making a camp fire is strictly forbidden. You may use a gas stoves for cooking, but be careful. 

Tracks are in good condition and Sikosalmi ferry is in use. 



Nature is waking up and birds are having their spring concert, but hiking conditions are rough. Tracks are under the snow or extremely wet and slippery or even under flood. Lakes are still covered with ice, but it is way too weak for walking. Sikosalmi ferry is not in use


Spring is arriving to Koli, but there is still lots of snow of the ground. Iif you wish to make a bit longer hike snow shoes are recommended. Ski tracks are getting soft.


There is several nature tracks which you can walk also without snowshoes. Ask current situation from Koli Nature Centre Ukko. 


Snowshoeing trail on the Koli peaks (1.5 km) is out of order.


After recent winter storms there is lots of fallen trees in the forest and some summer tracks can be difficult or impossible to follow. Snow shoes are recommended.