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Explore Finland's famous archipelago using public ferries and boat services


Finland's coastal waters are dotted with thousands of fascinating and beautiful islands, whose many natural and cultural attractions include four archipelago national parks. It is today easier than ever to visit many of these islands without a boat of your own.

Archipelago National Park. Photo: Laura Lehtonen

Dozens of islands are now accessible to everyone, including some within easy reach of the cities of Helsinki and Turku. Some inhabited islands are even accessible all year round on ferries run for the benefit of their residents.

A new section of the website has been compiled by Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland to bring together in one place practical information and tips on how to get to some of our loveliest islands using public ferries and boat services.

In addition to convenient waterbus services, many islands also have services such as accommodation, catering and guided tours and activities, offered by local firms.  

Islands that have recently become increasingly popular with visitors due to improved access and services include:

  • Vallisaari, just 20 minutes by waterbus from Helsinki
  • Seili, near Turku
  • Säppi, near Pori
  • Örö – a former military island in the heart of the Archipelago Sea

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