Vallisaari Welcomes Visitors

There is water bus connection to Vallisaari Island during the summer period May-September 2017. Transportation providers are JT-line ( and Aavalines (, in Finnish) and the departure points are located at the Market Square. You will find the departure points beside "Vallisaari" signs. JT-line departs from the Kolera allas (and during midsummer also from Hakaniemi) and arrives to the Pilotyard jetty at Vallisaari. Aavaline departure point is beside Suomenlinna Island ferry and at Vallisaari the water buss arrives to Torpedonlahti harbor square.

Tourists at Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari can use the islands' water points, dry toilets, picnic tables and during summer season also the excursion harbour, café, and tour guide services. It is allowed to berth at excursion harbor year round.

The natural environment of Vallisaari is highly sensitive. Please stay on the marked trails. Before visiting Vallisaari, please familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations that apply to the area.

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Come and experience the magic of Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari. Be enchanted by history, nature, and the spectacular views of both Helsinki and the sea.

  • Alexander Tour (3 km) and the Kuninkaansaari Island Tour (2.5 km) take you safely to the best places, to admire the most magnificent views, and to the rest stops.  They can be combined to form a single, longer hike. Visitors are expected to stay on the marked trails in the islands. Information boards have been placed along the trails.

Sandy cove in Kuninkaansaari Island. Photo: Jukka-Pekka Ronkainen

  • Vallisaari has a proud military history dating back hundreds of years. The first fortifications on this island were built in the 17th century, at the time when Finland was part of Sweden. The construction of fortifications on the island was most active during the Russian reign. The beautifully crafted buildings, recesses for icons, place names, and the main street remind us of the former occupiers. After Finland gained its independence, Vallisaari was used by the Finnish Defence Forces. Metsähallitus opened this island to visitors in 2016. Find out more about the history of Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari

Kuninkaansaari in the foreground, Vallisaari in the background. Photo: Tuomo Häyrinen

  • Kuninkaansaari ("King's Island") was named after King Gustav III of Sweden. During the Crimean War in the mid-19th century, Russia, the new occupier of the island, built fortifications on it. Kuninkaansaari also provided the setting for one of the preludes to the Russian revolution, as mutineers shelled Suomenlinna from Vallisaari in 1906. A neck of land, much like a breakwater, provides a land connection from Vallisaari to Kuninkaansaari. Read more about the history of the islands
  • Nature on the islands overwhelms the visitor. Vallisaari is the most diverse nature destination in the metropolitan area. Read more about nature in Vallisaari
  • The scenery, with the sea, Suomenlinna, and Helsinki in the background, is simply spectacular. These islands provide visitors with new angles on familiar locations.  

View to Suomenlinna. Photo: Outi Mäenpää

Instructions for visitors

Use caution when walking on the islands: familiarise yourself with the instructions, rules, and warnings regarding Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari. By following the instructions, we foster the well-being of visitors and help to preserve the islands' enjoyable environment, fragile nature, and enchanting cultural heritage.

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