Untamala Ancient Site

The emblem of the historical sites managed by MetsähallitusUntamala village was built on a headland jutting into the sea in the early days of the Common Era. Iron Age people settled on Myllymäki hill, surrounded by the sea. The sea area has now become fields, but traces of the Iron Age remain visible on the headland. Today, visitors to the pastures of Myllymäki can sense the presence of the past in stones with cup markings, cemeteries (0–600 AD) and farming structures.

Untamala, the Worksite of Giants, the Sons of Kaleva

Location: Southern Finland, Southwest Finland, Laitila (www.laitila.fi, in Finnish)

Address: Untamontie 55, Laitila. Google Maps (www.googlemaps.fi)

Visit: Myllymäki in Untamala is open to visitors free of charge all year round. The site is not staffed and there is no winter maintenance.

Sights and Activities: Information boards along the paths in Myllymäki-Vuorenpäänharju describe the ancient history and vegetation of the site. Part of the paths run through sheep pastures in the summer.  

Services: Information boards

Suitability: An easy destination for the whole family.  

The address of this page: www.nationalparks.fi/untamala

The site is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, Southern Finland

Customer Service

Tel. +358 206 39 4620

  • Metsähallitus must be notified of any events organised at the site. Instructions and form (www.metsa.fi, in Finnish)
  • Research and other activities not covered by Everyman's rights require the permission of the landowner (instructions and form, www.metsa.fi, in Finnish).
Excursionmap.fi: Untamala

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