Recontruction of marshes and springs

(Updated 14.8.2018)
During the next 2-3 weeks a shovel is reconstructing marshes and springs in a 25 hectare area at Kylmässuo.

From Salo to Teijo National Park by bus

(Updated 1.6.2017)
During the summer period from the 4th of June to the 13th of August it is possible to take a bus from Salo to Teijo National Park. More information and timetables



(Päivitetty 28.3.2018)

Tentsile Experience EcoCamp – an ecological and experiencefull forest hotel – offers carbon footprint friendly accommodation with high quality. The tree tents are placed by the sceneryfull view to Lake Matilda in Teijo National Park. Tentsile is a new alternative for traditional camping. It is nature friendly and will not leave any marks to the environment.

We want to offer this unique oppurtunity to hikers and travellers to experience authentism of the nature with a touch of natural luxury – ecoglamping. Tentsile is a safe way to enjoy the nature 24/7. It creates a dialog between the camper and the nature around, nature experience with unique sounds, smells and views.

The use of summerkitchen, indoor toilet and shower are included.

Enjoy the silence and midnight sun all night long!


Teijo Nature Center, Matildanjärventie 84, 25660 Mathildedal, Finland

Tree tent season:


Tree tents & prices (incl. VAT 10 %):

2 persons/ 3 persons in Stingray Tree Tentsile –tent 168 €

3 persons/3 persons in Stingray Tree Tentsile –tent 228 €

The Cancellation terms:

Cancellation must be made 14 days before the arrival, No cancellation fee will be charged.
Cancellation 2-13 days before the arrival, 50 % of the reservation fee will be charged.

Cancellation 1 day before the arrival or after that, 100 % of the reservation fee will be charged.

Tree tent 1 night – price includes:

  • Tentsile-tent Stingray as reserved and Tentsile Trillium Hammock. 

(Trillium is designed for three people as a social get together, extra space for bags and it is situated under the sleeping tent)

  • Sleeping bags, pillows, sheep fur
  • Sleeping bag sheets, towels
  • Tent light
  • Breakfast in Teijo Nature Center
  • Fresh drinking water (Finnish tap water is the cleanest & best in the world.)
  • Indoor toilet & shower
  • Use of the summerkitchen

Extra services

·        Evening snack basket: local sausages, filled sandwich, sweets, coffee/tea/juice -  22 EUR /2 persons

·        sauna - 32 €/h

·        rent of a rowing boat 3 h – 9 €

·        rent of a canoe 2 h - 19 €

·        rent of a SUP board 2 h – 35 €

Teijo Nature Center with services, swimming in lake Matilda and several open-fire places are situated near the Eco Camp area. Many hiking routes start from there as well.

Teijo National Park situates by the historical 1800 -village Mathildedal. The services are very good: cafés, restaurants, shops, bakery, brewery and authentic historical milieu.

Additional information & reservations: Teijo Nature Center, +358 44 3300082 or                 

Weather in south-west Finland:

In June the air temperature is around 15-20 celcius and the water in the lakes is around 15 celcius. Some rainy days may include.

In July and August the air temperature is around 19-25 celcius and the water in the lakes is around 20 celcius. Some warm rainy days may include.

In September the air temperature is around 15 celcius and the water in the lakes is around 10-15 celcius. Rainy days may include.

Required equipment:

You need clothes and shoes according to the weather conditions as well as personal clothing and supplies for overnight stay.

  • What should I pack?
  • Hiking shoes or boots
  • Rain/windproof jacket and trousers
  • Hiking shirts and trousers
  • Thermal top and bottom
  • Warm jacket or sweater
  • Warm hat and gloves/mittens
  • Water bottle
  • Head torch
  • Swimsuit
  • Sun protection in July (hat, sunglasses and sunblock)
  • Small backpack for carrying personal items
  • Adventures mind

Both Self-driven Rafts Now in Use

(Updated 7.9.2017)
Both the Northern and the Southern self-driven rafts are now in use and the Sahajärvi trail now goes through Lake Sahajärvi.

The Firewood maintenance in the Meriholma island has ended

(Updated 7.9.2017) 
Metsähallitus is at the moment unable to allocate funds for maintaining the fireplace, lean-to-shelter and the dry toilet in the island of Isoholma ( located at Teijonselkä).
These facilities are on the island, so if You wish to use them on Your visit please bring Your own fire wood park's campfire place in Malmviikinlahti and Meriholma those are located in the Isoholma Island will no longer have firewood maintenance.
Additionally, Metsähallitus will no longer rent rowing boats to the sea area. Information about the rowing boats for rent can be asked from Matildan Marina ( in the villgae of Mathidedal. 

Views of Southwest Finland

(Updated 7.9.2017)
Admire the views of the national parks of Southwest Finland. See video (

The Reparation of Punassuo Duckboards Continues in the Autumn 2017

(Updated 7.9.2017)
The duckboards of the Punassuo mire preservation area have been in poor shape here and there. At the moment, ¾ of the trail has been repaired. Hikers are advised to move with caution in the area till the rest of the trail is repaired.

Teijo National Park Management and usage plan is underway

(Updated 7.9.2017)
The first public gathering regarding the management and usage plan was organized in Mathildedal on Thursday 16th of May 2015. More information (in Finnish,