Both self-driven rafts now in use

(Updated 7.9.2017)
Both the Northern and the Southern self-driven rafts are now in use and the Sahajärvi trail now goes through Lake Sahajärvi.

The firewood maintenance in the Meriholma island has ended

(Updated 7.9.2017)
Metsähallitus is at the moment unable to allocate funds for maintaining the fireplace, lean-to-shelter and the dry toilet in the island of Isoholma ( located at Teijonselkä).
These facilities are on the island, so if You wish to use them on Your visit please bring Your own fire wood park's campfire place in Malmviikinlahti and Meriholma those are located in the Isoholma Island will no longer have firewood maintenance.
Additionally, Metsähallitus will no longer rent rowing boats to the sea area. Information about the rowing boats for rent can be asked from Matildan Marina ( in the villgae of Mathidedal. 

Views of Southwest Finland

(Updated 7.9.2017)
Admire the views of the national parks of Southwest Finland. See video (

The reparation of Punassuo duckboards continues in the autumn 2017

(Updated 7.9.2017)
The duckboards of the Punassuo mire preservation area have been in poor shape here and there. At the moment, ¾ of the trail has been repaired. Hikers are advised to move with caution in the area till the rest of the trail is repaired.

Teijo National park management and usage plan is underway

(Updated 7.9.2017)
The first public gathering regarding the management and usage plan was organized in Mathildedal on Thursday 16th of May 2015. More information (in Finnish,