Ruostejärvi Recreation Area

Location of Ruostejärvi Area in FinlandSouthern Finland, Kanta-Häme Region
Municipality of Tammela (, in Finnish)
Area: 0,78 Established in 1992
The area is managed by the Ruostejärvi care and management committee

Visitors can enjoy the tranquillity of nature in Ruostejärvi Recreation Area. There is very little inhabitation in the area, but Häme Visitor Centre and the nearby sports institute offer versatile services. The area is a wonderful day-trip destination or you can hike for a longer time by following connecting trails from the area to for example Liesjärvi National Park or the Ilvesreitti Trail Network.

The recreation area is located by the Häme region's Härkätie Road in area surrounding Lakes Ruostejärvi and Leppilampi. The beautiful forest and lake landscapes offer stimulation for all your senses. Your eyes can admire the shimmering lake backs, while the humming of swaying pines and bird song concert caress your ears. In late summer the treat of the forest the blueberry colour visitors' mouths.

The area's trails are easy to travel and lead for the most part across flat terrain with the exception of a couple hills. The trails meander along lake shores and in through forests. Visitors can even cross a sound with a small ferry. There are numerous rest spots and the area's signs are clear. There are different options for nature trails each with its own theme. At Häme Visitor Centre there are exhibits and AV presentation featuring the area's nature and landscape.

Lake Ruostejärvi is known for its exceptionally clear waters and sandy bottom and its shores are popular amongst swimmers during summer. The area is not dormant during winter either. Visitors can ski on the ice covering the lake, rent snow shoes or visit the area's visitor centre.

Ruostejärvi Recreation Area is Located in the Häme Lake Uplands

The Häme Lake Uplands is a natural gem in the centre of Häme and conveniently close to Finland's busiest urban centres. The Häme Lake Uplands is the ideal destination for a multitude of nature activities - read more on the destinations within the Häme Lake Uplands.

The area is managed by the Ruostejärvi care and management committee. Tel. int. +358 3 41411, address: Forssan kaupunki, Turuntie 18, PL 62, 30101 Forssa, Finland.

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