The Ketunlossi ferry (fox ferry) is in use

Ketunlossi ferry along the Fox Trail (Ketunlenkki trail) is now in use after winter season.

Restoration burning in Repovesi

Restoration burning will be carried out in Repovesi in the area between lakes Valkjärvi and Ristijärvi on May 30th.  During the restoration burning it is forbidden to enter the restoration area for safety reasons. Smoke can be detected for several days after the burning.

When the forest is burned, a part of the trees are charred. Some die immediately, and some die over a period of years. As a result, wood in all stages of decay is continually produced in the area. The diversity of tree species usually increases after a fire. The new tree stands sometimes form in clusters, sometimes separately, with varying distances between the trees. The trees are of different ages, because part of the original stand survives the fire. Increased insolation caused by burning is a prerequisite for certain rare or threatened species.

Public transportation to Repovesi

VisitKouvola has published a leaflet ( about public transport connections to Repovesi, including bus timetables.