Why is there so much grey rock in Pyhä-Luosto National Park?

The National Park's rock bed is of quartzite, which is a hard rocktype. It has persisted while softer rocktypes have worn away. Water, which expands when freezing, can however, break even strong rocks. Even when a very small crack appears in a cliff-face, water gathers there and expands the crack when it freezes. The process progresses from year to year.

Photo: Kimmo Kuure

Are there bears in Pyhä-Luosto National Park?

There are bears in the Pyhä area. They are timid and avoid people. There are very rarely bear sightings. Visitors can be at ease as they walk along the hiking trails as there is plenty of room for bears in the backwoods.

Where has the name Pyhätunturi originated from?

The Forest Sámi who lived in the area in olden days believed that places that were prominent and most likely to catches peoples attention were inhabited by gods. As the Pyhätunturi fell chain is visible from from away and grabs ones attention with its grand rugged features, the Forest Sámi called the fell chain ‘pyhä', which means ‘holy' or ‘sacred'. Pyhätunturi was a seita, the home of gods.

What do the names Luosto and Orresokka mean?

According to some interpretations, the Finnish word luosto originates from luostâg (Inari Sámi) or luosttat (North Sámi), which both mean a reindeer that has light-coloured stripes.
Oarrečohkka is North Sami and means a ‘squirrel summit', and the name Orresokka comes from that.

According to another interpretation, the word ‘orre' in Orresokka is Swedish and means a ‘black grouse'. This Swedish word quite aptly describes the birds in the area but the Sámi word is probably the original one.

Can I take my dog on a hike with me?

Yes you can, but it must be kept on a lead at all times while in the national park. Dogs are not allowed inside open wilderness huts and day-trip huts. Please fasten your dog's lead somewhere suitably far from the hut's entrance so that your dog will not either disturb or frighten other visitors. Letting dogs swim in Karhunjuomalampi Pond is prohibited.