Porkkala Pampskata. Photo: Jari Kostet.

Spend a relaxed day by the sea or go for a boating adventure in one of the most beautiful seascapes on Finland's coast. In the spring and autumn, when migratory birds fly over the area in large flocks, the area turns into a birdwatcher's paradise. Porkkala is the culturally and naturally rich treasure of Helsinki region. 


Porkkala - Where the Forest Meets the Sea

Porkkala is an ideal destination for day trips as it is located near the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The combination of forests and rocky shores offers great spots for picnics. 
These pages present information on the municipal and state recreation and the future nature reserve areas in the Porkkala and on Porkkalanniemi Cape. The future Nature Reserve is located in the open sea and encompasses extensive water areas, small islands and islets, and Träskö Island. The Telegrafberget area will also be included in this nature reserve. 
Four municipalities have recreation and nature reserves on the Porkkalanniemi Cape. The Lähteelä Outdoor Recreation Area in the east belongs to the city of Helsinki. Located in the north, Vetokannas is one of Vantaa's Outdoor Recreation Areas The Nurmijärvi Outdoor Recreation Area is located close to the Tullandet Bridge, and the southern point of the peninsula is the Kirkkonummi Nature Reserve.
Location:  Uusimaa region, Kirkkonummi (www.visitkirkkonummi.fi). Read more 
Activities: Hiking, birdwatching, sailing and boating. Read more
Sights: beautiful marine nature, migration of birds, burial cairns from the Bronze Age, underwater wrecks. Read more
Suitability: For families with children. There are also services for the disabled. Read more
Services: Campfire sites with firewood, dry toilets, guest harbours and smaller harbours with basic services. Read more
Trails: The marked trails are ideal for day trips. There are also easy trails that are suitable for families with children. 
This is the web page: www.nationalparks.fi/porkkala.
The area is owned and managed by the cities of Helsinki and Vantaa, municipalities of Kirkkonummi and Nurmijärvi, Metsähallitus and Uudenmaan virkistysalueyhdistys association.