Pallastunturi Fell and Hetta Area

How can I get to Pallastunturi and Hetta by public transportation?

The road to the Pallastunturi Fells. Photo: Seija Olkkonen

  • A postal car travels from Muonio to Pallastunturi on weekday mornings. There is a daily coach from Rovaniemi to Muonio and Hetta. This coach also stops at Lake Jerisjärvi, from where visitors can take a taxi to Pallas.
  • During peak seasons a shuttle taxi transports ( visitors between the area's central villages and bigger tourist resorts and the Enontekiö and Kittilä airports. Read more about the directions of the area.

How can I get my car from Hetta to Pallastunturi, while I hike?

Is there a bus, which goes from Pallastunturi to Hetta or the other way?

  • You can get all the way to Pallas by postal car only on weekday mornings. If you want to make it to the postal service car, you will have to leave from Hetta at seven in the morning. From Pallas to Hetta you will have to first take a taxi to Jeris and then continue by bus to Muonio and take a evening bus to Hetta.
  • Read more about the directions of the area.

Are there places to get drinking water along Hetta Pallas Trail?

  • There are water points at all wilderness huts and campfire sites. The water is safe to drink, but should be boiled during summer as warm weather the water can have bacteria in it. Water from fell brooks far off-trails is most often safe to drink without boiling.

Can I bring my dog with me on a hike?

  • Yes, but it must be on a leash at all times. Dogs are allowed inside wilderness huts only by permission of other people staying overnight.

Ylläs Area

How can I get to Ylläs by public transportation?

  • There are trains from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and Kolari, from where there are coaches from every train to Ylläsjärvi and Äkäslompolo.
  • There are flights to Kittilä airport daily. Coaches from Kittilä airport ( transport visitors during peak seasons to Ylläs. At other times a shuttle taxi drives the route, tel. int. +358 200 14919.
  • Read more about the directions of the area.

What are the best hiking trails in Ylläs?

Are there open wilderness huts along the area's trails and are there places to light campfires?

  • Hikers can stay the night at Porokämppä hut at Aakenus and an open wilderness hut at Pyhäjärvi. Ylläs - Olos Trail has several open wilderness huts. Pahtavuoma open wilderness hut is on Ylläs - Rauhala Trail. The best places to camp are near lean-to shelters. Hikers must get permission from the landowner before lighting campfires, but they are permitted at all lean-to shelters, except when there is a forest fire warning.

Where in Ylläs can I fish and where can I get fishing permits?