Opening hours in Oulanka Visitor Centre

(Updated 1.10.2018)
Oulanka Visitor Centre and restaurant Ravintola Talonpöytä are open in October every day 10 am - 4 pm. Karhunkierros Visitor Centre is closed, open only for groups by agreement. More information from Oulanka Visitor Centre +358 206 39 6850 or oulanka(at)

The cable boat in Keroharju trail is taken out of use for winter

(Updated 26.9.2018)
The cable boat across the river Niitselysjoki (at the northern end of the trail) is taken out of use for winter on Monday 1.10.2018. You can't walk the trail from north to south anymore, but the southern starting point in Liikasenvaara Harjulammentie road is still in use.

Opening hours in Karhunkierros Visitor Centre

(Updated 19.9.2018)
Metsähallitus customer service in Karhunkierros Visitor centre in Hautajärvi has ended this summer. Basecamp Oulanka cafe in the Visitor centre is open 17.9, 19.9, 20.9, 21.9, 23.9, 24.9, 27.9, 28.9 and 30.9. 9 am - 5 pm. More information:

The Niskakoski suspension bridge will be repaired

(Updated 1.8.2018)
In Juuma, right in the beginning of Pieni Karhunkierros trail, the Niskakoski suspension bridge will be repaired. Notice that you might have to wait for a while, before you can go on.

The road leading to Kanjonin Kurkkaus (Oulanka Canyon) construction is finished and the road is ready for use

(Updated 29.7.2018)

Remember to check the danger of forest fire!

(Updated 25.5.2018) 
It's been very warm and dry so Finnish Meteorological Institute gave the forest fire warnig almost everywhere in Finland. Remember that during the forest fire warning, camp-fires are not allowed even at the camp-fire sites. Check all the warnings from here.

Oulanka Visitor Centre opens its doors!

(Updated 19.2.2018)
Welcome to the newly renovated Oulanka Visitor Centre! Our door opens on Monday 19 February at 10 am with limited services. On-site, customer service officers will be happy to help you plan your trip and provide the latest information on the weather conditions in the area. During the course of the day, guests will also be able to explore the 2017 Nature Photo Exhibition. You can also reach our customer service by phone +358 206 39 6850, by e-mail and on Oulanka National Parks Facebook page. We are updating the expansion of our services as the week progresses on the Facebook page of Oulanka National Park. Welcome!

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