The wilderness trail maintenance ends

The wilderness trail from the Oulanka Visitor Centre to Juuma was maintained on the 10th of April and the maintenance ends on sunday the 15th of April. The wilderness trail will once again be opened in February 2019.

The road to the Oulanka Visitor Centre is in a bad condition

(Updated 12.4.18)
The Liikasenvaarantie road leading to the Oulanka Visitor Centre is in a bad condition due to thawing and the snow melting. The road is muddy and slippery and we recommend driving slowly.

Warning! Do not walk on any ice!

(Updated 31.3.18)
Spring is advancing quickly and the ice on top of rivers and lakes in the national park will no longer be able to withstand the weight of a human. It has come to our knowledge that there have been a few small accidents on the ice, but so far serious injuries have been avoided. We ask visitors to stay on the marked trails, and advise to refrain from walking on the snowmobile tracks on top of the ice.

Oulanka Visitor Centre opens its doors!

(Updated 19.2.2018)
Welcome to the newly renovated Oulanka Visitor Centre! Our door opens on Monday 19 February at 10 am with limited services. On-site, customer service officers will be happy to help you plan your trip and provide the latest information on the weather conditions in the area. During the course of the day, guests will also be able to explore the 2017 Nature Photo Exhibition. You can also reach our customer service by phone +358 206 39 6850, by e-mail and on Oulanka National Parks Facebook page. We are updating the expansion of our services as the week progresses on the Facebook page of Oulanka National Park. Welcome!

The cable boat at the Keroharju trail is not in use

(Updated 10.10.2017)
The Niitselyjoki cable boat at the northern end of the Keroharju trail has been taken out of use 10.10. so the route is currently not accessible from the northern end. The route can still be accessed from the southern point at the end of Harjulammentie in Liikasenvaara. The cable boat will be operating again in the spring after the floods are over. Read more about the Keroharju trail.

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