The cable boat at the Keroharju trail is not in use

(Updated 10.10.2017)
The Niitselyjoki cable boat at the northern end of the Keroharju trail has been taken out of use 10.10. so the route is currently not accessible from the northern end. The route can still be accessed from the southern point at the end of Harjulammentie in Liikasenvaara. The cable boat will be operating again in the spring after the floods are over. Read more about the Keroharju trail.

Route changes on the Kiutaköngäs trail

(Updated 3.10.2017)
The beginning of the Kiutaköngäs trail is being repaired, so the trail entrance is closed to visitors. However, there is an alternative route from the parking lot of the Oulanka Visitor Centre, from which you can reach the Kiutaköngäs trail and the other day trails. The alternative route is marked with orange strips. More information at the Oulanka Visitor Centre. Phone number: 040 732 5615.

The Retkibus stops operating at the end of September and the opening hours of Oulanka Visitor Centre have changed

(Updated 1.10.2017)
The Karhunkierros bus and the airport bus still operate the connection and you can find the timetables at the Ruka ( and Salla ( websites. The Oulanka Visitor Centre is open everyday from 10 am to 4 pm during October.

The trail to Kiutaköngäs is being repaired!

(Updated 8.9.2017)
This week, hikers may come across workmen and an excavator on the path leading to the Kiutaköngäs rapid. We are rebuilding the route and its stairs, but the repairs will not affect hiking in the area or walking on the paths.

Preparation work along the trail!

(Updated 09/2017)
There is a ongoing preparation work for the durable pathway on the Karhunkierros trail between Savilampi - Hautajärvi. The workmen are removing old wooden duckboards and there may be other signs of work along the path, like ATV tracks.  The sticks and trees marked with red ribbons along the path are signs meant for the workmen, please leave them as they are.

Oulanka Nature Center will be closed at the end of October due to renovation

(Updated 09/2017)
The renovation at the Oulanka Visitor Center will start after the fall season. The Visitor Center is closed during the renovation period, from the end of October for about three months. According to a preliminary timetable, the Visitor Center will be opened to the public at the end of January 2018.
During the renovation, the customer services of the Visitor Center can reached by phone, email and through the Oulanka National Park Facebook pages. You can get personal customer service and maps at the Karhuntassu Customer Service in Kuusamo.

You can follow the progress of the renovation at the Oulanka National Park Facebook page (

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The ropeway on the Keroharjun trail is off (Updated 10.10.2017) The Niitselyjoki rope boat at the northern end of the Keroharjuna route was lifted on 10.10. so the route is currently not accessible. The route can still be accessed from the southern point of departure at the Harjulammentie of Liikasenvaara. The rope boat will be put into operation again in the spring when the flood falls and after the dredges are dried. Read more about Keroharjuna's route

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