An new Sauna will be built at Tikankolo Rental Hut

(Updated 14th of September 2017)
Tikankolo Rental Hut's sauna was destroyed 2016 spring in a fire. The building of a new sauna started in May 2017. During the building period Tikankolo is rented only for weekends. The aim is that the new sauna will be ready in October.

Haukkalampi trail is being restored

(Updated 14th of September 2016)

Haukkalampi trail is a 3,7 km long cirkular trail starting at Haukkalampi. Along the trail you can see piles of gravel this autumn. The gravel has to to with the work being done on the trail. If the weather is good the work will continue until the end of the year.

Photo: Teemu Laine / Metsähallitus

Nuuksio at Urban Nature of Helsinki Map

(Updated 31st of August 2016)

Check the new Urban Nature of Helsinki Map (