Location of Lounatkoski in Finland

Municipality of Suomussalmi (www.suomussalmi.fi)
Hossa National Park 
The spot is managed by Metsähallitus.

The Lounatkoski Rapids are particularly beautiful at the time of the spring flood. The power of the rapids was formerly utilised in the milling of grain. For log floaters Lounatkoski was a tough place.

Wood and Grain

At Lounatkoski, there are structures related to log floating and the milling of grain. In the old days, the rapids provided water power but also set challenges to log floaters. The original watermill was pulled down but a similar mill was brought here from the nearby Lavajärvi.

Lounatkoski mill.

The remaining log-floating structures at Lounatkoski are a log-floating dam and a storage space for the beams that were used to regulate the flow through the opening in the dam. Beneath the bridge crossing the rapids are the components that controlled the course of the logs. The cabin used by log floaters has been renovated and is today used as a rental cabin.

Opening Hours

You can visit Lounatkoski at any time. You can walk along the path from the parking area to the mill and the bridge when the ground is unfrozen. The grounds of the rental cabin are for the use of the tenants only - please respect their privacy.

  • There are no personnel at the destination.
  • The mill and the bridge can be visited free-of-charge. The door to the mill is unlocked.

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By Car

  • From the Hossa Visitor Centre, drive west along Jatkonsalmentie road for about 4 km. On reaching the Jatkonsalmi rental cabin, turn on to the gravel road leading to Tolosenvirta and drive for about 2 km. On the left-hand side of the road there is a small parking place, from where it is roughly 50 metres on foot to the mill and 250 metres to the actual rapids.


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The services of the Hossa Visitor Centre and the Hossa Hiking Area.


  • The Lake Route, a 20-km-long circle route, passes by the Lounatkoski parking area. Read more about the Lake Route.

Cross-country Skiing Trails

Canoeing Routes

  • Lounatkoski is part of the Peranka - Hossa canoeing route, which is 37 km long. Running the Lounatkoski Rapids is not recommended. There is a portage for bypassing the rapids. Read more about the Peranka canoeing route.

Lounatkoski bridge. Photo: Sirke Seppänen

Café and Restaurant Services

  • There are no café or restaurant services at this destination. The closest café is located 6 km away at the Hossa Visitor Centre.

Services for School Groups

  • The Hossa Visitor Centre serves school groups. Further information and information on available programme services can be obtained from the centre.

Services for the Disabled

  • Lounatkoski is not suitable for the disabled.

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