It is a good idea to start your excursion at the Liminka Bay Visitor Centre. The local speciality, i.e. the fishing and hunting cabins, are a distinctive feature in the scenery. The visitor centre's exhibition presents the life of birds and the history of the cabins.

Go Birdwatching

The shallow seaside meadows, the wide reed beds, the willow thickets and the seaside birch forests provide habitats and rest spots for a large variety of bird species. In the Liminka Bay area, roughly 200 bird species are sighted annually, of which about 160 nest in the area. There are also rarities amongst the birds. The black-tailed godwit, the lesser white-fronted goose, the gull-billed tern, the Eurasian bittern and many other specialities are absolutely amazing.  

In the Liminka Bay area, the high season begins in April, at the time of the migration of geese, and the spring is culminated by the colourful mating dance of the ruffs. The high season lasts until October, when the last swans fly to the south as the bay freezes over. The area boasts five birdwatching towers, from which it is easy to observe birds. In winter, the feeding of birds at the yard gives you an opportunity to admire the stationary birds, which spend their winters in the area.

Bird watching towers in Liminka Bay.

Bird watching at Liminka Bay. Photo: Mika Honkalinna

Explore the Visitor Centre

Many people who have visited the Eight Seasons of Birds exhibition say that it is the best nature exhibition ever. The exhibition has been designed for families with children. However, it also provides fascinating and topical information for passionate bird enthusiasts. There are bird games and upstairs a nest made of twigs for children. The visually impressive exhibition also tells stories and provides information, as well as displays gorgeous bird photographs. Additional information on the services provided by the visitor centre.

Eight seasons of birds. photo: Mika Honkalinna


The coast of Liminka Bay is special, as it has been created by land uplift, providing a fantastic setting for nature photography. The Liminka Bay and Lumijoki birdwatching towers are ideal locations for photography, even though the distance to the birds sets certain requirements for the equipment.

Other Activities

  • Geocaching: geocaching is a fun way to learn how to use GPS and to see the Liminka Bay through the eyes of a treasure hunter!
  • Cross-country skiing: in the Liminka Bay area, there is a cross-country ski trail (about 25 km), which is maintained by the municipalities. Additional information is available on the websites of the municipalities of Liminka, Lumijoki and Oulunsalo.
  • Snowshoeing: snowshoeing gives you an opportunity to explore the Liminka Bay area from a totally different perspective. 
  • Canoeing: it is possible to canoe on Liminka Bay with a guide. There are also bird sanctuaries in the area, so please check the canoeing possibilities at the visitor centre.  
  • Learn in nature: on the pages for teachers, you will find tips on nature education in the areas surrounding the Liminka Bay Visitor Centre. At the visitor centre, groups can also hire a guide for their excursion. Read more.
  • Guided group tours: at the visitor centre, you can book a guided tour for your group at the exhibition or in nature. Our cooperation parties organise various kinds of guided hiking trips. The cooperation parties.
  • Volunteer activities: come and work for the good of nature, which is shared by all of us. In the Liminka Bay area, various organisations arrange mowing events for voluntary workers and various events. Read more.