Liminka Bay

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The Emblem of Liminka BayWatch the winged inhabitants of Finland's best bird wetlands. Liminka Bay (Liminganlahti in Finnish) is an internationally important wetland reserve blessed with rich bird life, especially during the spring and autumn migration seasons, when huge flocks of geese, cranes and graceful whooper swans arrive. Nature photographers also fly in from far away to shoot local specialities including colourful ruffs performing their ritual courtship dances. Liminka Bay's attractive visitor centre spotlights the wonderful world of birds.

Experience Nature on Wings on Finland's Finest Wetland

Location: in the municipalities of Liminka and Lumijoki, Northern Ostrobothnia. Read more 

Activities: birdwatching, photography, exploring the visitor centre. Read more 

Sights: a large variety of bird species in the area surrounding the birdwatching towers, the cultural landscape, including the fishing and hunting cabins, Liminka Bay Visitor Centre. Read more  

Suitability: an easy and interesting destination for families with children. The Virkkula birdwatching tower and the visitor centre are also accessible for the disabled. Read more  

Services: Liminka Bay Visitor Centre, 5 birdwatching towers, campfire sites, accommodation at the visitor centre, events. Services provided by cooperation parties. Read more ( 

Trails: the trails (0.2 – 2.0 km), equipped with duckboards, run to the birdwatching towers. The trails and towers are maintained by the municipalities of Liminka and Lumijoki. Read more

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Self-guided Tour: "7 Finnish National Parks"

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