Can I reach Koli using public transportation?

The Koli Shuttle taxi operates between Joensuu and Koli (www.taksikoli.f). You can also reach Ahmovaara (10 km from Koli village) by bus. Type "Koli Ahmovaara" to the search field ( You can find Koli Carpool from Facebook (

Can I park my car in front of Break Sokos Hotel Koli?

No, parking is not allowed in Ukko-Koli's upper yard unless you are entitled to the disabled parking badge. There are six 15-minute places for customer drop-off and two places for disabled parking. The yard has several emergency, maintenance and rescue routes, and thus no space for parking. The hotel and national park visitors can park in the parking areas P1 and P2. There is a complimentary railcar connection from the parking areas to the upper yard.

Why is admission to the exhibitions at Koli Nature Centre Ukko not free?

Nature Centre Ukko's services are provided by Metsähallitus. By paying the admission fee you will contribute to maintenance of the National Park and the Nature Centre.

Where can I book one of the sheep-herding weeks?

Reservations for the sheep-herding weeks will be taken from the beginning of January, but only for the summer of the same year. There are about ten weeks available each summer, and they have proved very popular. The booking instructions will be available in January at> ajankohtaista (in Finnish).

Who manages the boat stage services at the Koli harbour?

The town of Lieksa technical customer services arranges stage places for boats, tel. +358 13 689 4310. At the site, the boat stage and harbour services are managed by Kolin Pursiseura ry, the local boating club, tel. +358 40 776 3435, in collaboration with the entrepreneur at the harbour's Alamaja café and restaurant.

Why is mountain biking not allowed in the Koli National Park?

Mountain biking is forbidden as it is considered to pose a safety risk for other trail users. The prohibition of mountain biking is also justified because of the erosion it causes on the terrain and trails. However, mountain biking is allowed on the private roads passing through the park.

Where can I stay while visiting the Koli National Park?

There are simple rental huts along the hiking routes: they can be booked at (, in Finnish) or rented through Koli Nature Centre Ukko. Other accommodation options within the national park are Break Sokos Hotel Koli (, Kolin Ryynänen and Mattila (, in Finnish). There are also a number of companies that offer accommodation near the village of Koli and at Loma-Koli. For more information, please visit the Koli Tourist Association website (

Can I go camping in the Koli National Park?

Yes, camping is allowed at the designated sites in Turula, Myllypuro, Ylä-Murhi, Lakkala and Rykiniemi. The camping sites are marked on the Koli National Park general map and the Outdoor and servicemap of Koli. Staying overnight on the islands within the national park is forbidden.

Will the ski slopes stay open even though they are within a national park?

Yes, they will. One of the ordinances for establishing the Koli National Park was that the tourist services in the area, including the ski slopes, could function as before, and they would also be taken into account when developing the national park. The lease of the ski slopes was renewed in 2007 to be valid until the end of 2027, with specific environmental conditions included.

Is Break Sokos Hotel Koli considered a part of the national park?

Yes, it is. The hotel building is owned and renovated by the government, then rented out to Pohjois-Karjalan Osuuskauppa, the regional cooperative enterprise, which runs the hotel business.

Why is downhill skiing and snowboarding forbidden on the Koli peaks?

The fast-moving skiers and snowboarders pose a safety risk for themselves and others who move in the Koli summit area.

Where are the parking areas for downhill skiers located?

The parking area for the Ukko-Koli ski slopes is located along the Rantatie road, by the scenic/chair lift at the bottom of the hill and the Rinnetupa hut. You will get to the parking area from the village of Koli by first driving towards Loma-Koli for 1 km and then turning right to Rantatie at the Koli harbour crossroads. The distance from the crossroads to Rinnetupa and the parking areas is 1,8 km.

Why are visitors not told where the threatened plants grow?

The national park's threatened plant species are extremely rare and grow in very small patches. Trampling could easily destroy the whole occurrence of several species, even at times when the growth is not at its most visible. The threatened species found in the national park can be admired in Koli Nature Centre Ukko's exhibition.