When hiking to Halti Fell do I have to return along the same route along which I went there or is there or alternative route?

  • Ridnitsohka Fell. Photo: Martti RikkonenIf you wish to travel along marked trails, you must follow the same trail back. The trail is called the Nordkalottleden Trail.
  • If you do no want to return you can continue on from Halti to Lake Guolasjärvi, which is 10 km away in Norway. There is a car road from Halti to Lake Guolasjärvi. There is, however, no marked trail between Halti and Lake Guolasjärvi, so a compass and a map of northern Norway (Calazon Halti-Kilpisjärvi-Pältsa 1:50 000) are essential to have. The terrain between Halti Fell and Lake Guolasjärvi is very rocky and its best suited for those with hiking experience.
  • From Lake Guolasjärvi it is 120 km to the village of Kilpisjärvi. During summer a coach travels between Kilpisjärvi and Skibotn, but there is no public transportation all the way to Lake Guolasjärvi. You could therefore have someone take you there and pick you up.
  • You can also get onto Nordkalottleden Trail via Lake Lossujärvi. The trek from a road on the Norwegian side of the border to Lossujärvi cabin is about 11 km long. Nordkalottleden in turn is 12 km from the cabin. This last part of the trail is not marked in the terrain, so a compass and a map of northern Norway (Helligskogen 1:50 000) are essential to have.

What permits do I need to have, to be able to fish in Käsivarsi Wilderness Area?

  • Angling and ice fishing are Everyman's rights (www.ymparisto.fi) in Käsivarsi wilderness area. You can therefore practice them without having a permit. When angling or ice fishing in Lake Toskaljärvi, Lake Luohtojärvi and Lake Peeran lammet though, you will need a Enontekiö 1551 permit. Please note that angling and ice fishing are forbidden in flowing waters.
  • To fish in the wilderness areas multiple rivers you must have paid the national fishing management fee (www.mmm.fi) as well as have a municipality of Enontekiö 1551 permit. When fishing at Lätäseno you must have a Lätäseno fishing area 1550 permit. This permit allows you to fish from Poroeno at the mouth of the River Harrijoki all the way to Vähäkurkkio in Lätäseno. Fishing permits are sold by Metsähallitus customer service points and local tourist enterprises.

Can I ride a snowmobile to Halti Fell?

  • A Metsähallitus maintained snowmobile track leads from Hetta to Kilpisjärvi, but there is no track to Halti Fell. Therefore, even if you have a snowmobile permit you will not be able to drive one to Halti Fell.
  • Private tourist enterprises do organise snowmobile safaris to Halti.