Kalmosärkkä Sandbank

The emblem of the historical sites managed by MetsähallitusAt Kalmosärkkä, you will be able to spot traces of ancient history on a lakeside sand dune. People have lived here since the early Stone Age, 6,000 years BCE. The fine sand has seen many footprints. After the end of the prehistoric period, locals kept their dead in the sands of Kalmosärkkä, until they could be transported for burial in the churchyard, a fact revealed by the name of the place in Finnish, which means ‘the sandbank of the dead'.

A Prehistoric Dwelling Site on a Bank of Fine Sand

Location of Kalmosärkkä Sandbank in FinlandLocation: Oulu region and Kainuu, Suomussalmi (www.suomussalmi.fi)

Visit: Entrance is free. There is no winter maintenance in the area. The path to Kalmosärkkä runs across the beautiful Kokkosuo mire in Juntusranta. Directions to the Kalmosärkkä sandbank and instructions for visitors

Instructions and rules: The Kalmosärkkä Sandbank is a fixed relic site, which may not be excavated, covered or damage in any way under the Antiquities Act (www.nba.fi). Campfires are also prohibited.

Sights and Activities: A fascinating prehistoric dwelling site, where thousands of antiquities have been found. Beautiful scenery and fine sand dunes. Find out more about the history of Kalmosärkkä 

Services: Trail (1.3 km) signposted from the parking area. Two campfire sites with firewood, dry toilets and signs.

Suitability: An ideal day trip destination for the entire family. Not suitable for the disabled.

The address of this page: www.nationalparks.fi/kalmosarkka

The site is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, Ostrobothnia.

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See Directions: By Car to Kalmosärkkä
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