Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo Mire Reserve

Location of Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo Mire Reserve in FinlandKainuu
Kuhmo (www.kuhmo.fi), Suomussalmi (www.suomussalmi.fi)
Area 38 km², established in 1988, annexed to the Friendship Park in 1990
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

Juortanansalo. Photo: Ari Meriruoko

The Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo Mire Reserve represents the real wilds of the Friendship Park. Of the areas belonging to the park, it has received the least attention, but it is not any less significant, nor are its natural values less important. The Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo Mire Reserve is an area characterised by peaceful and wild mires and forests right next to Finland's eastern border. It has an abundance of different types of pine bogs and spruce mires. In the summer, the area is also an important grazing ground for wild forest reindeer.

The Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo area is a real gem for hikers who wish to choose their own path. It is traversed by the eastern branch of the UKK Trail, but otherwise there are no marked trails.

The Juortanansalo - Lapinsuo Mire Reserve is part of the Friendship Park, which consists of five separate nature reserves mainly located in the municipality of Kuhmo. Lapinsuo is situated in the municipality of Suomussalmi. The Friendship Park and the Kostomuksha Strict Nature Reserve form the Finno-Russian Friendship Nature Reserve.

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